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(humor?) Re: XFS 3.1.1 is 100% SAFE

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Subject: (humor?) Re: XFS 3.1.1 is 100% SAFE
From: Linda Walsh <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 12:08:20 -0700
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doDownload.com wrote:
we wish all the best to your software in a New Year 2010 ! And thank you for this great piece of software on the Dodownload.com !

        xfs 3.1.1 is a executable program?  on ...lets see, 
dodownload.com...those are Windows programs.
        So does this mean xfs has been ported to windows?  as an executable?
        That's a loadable layer, right?
        So I run xfs 3.1.1 (virus free!) and then ..wait...where is my xfs file 
system again?

You must to know, your product XFS 3.1.1 has been REALLY tested on Friday 16th of July 2010 by the newest antivirus system of the Dodownload.com and found to be *Safe and Clean*. It does not contain any kind of Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Viruses. The full scan reports you may view here: http://www.dodownload.com/av-report/xfs.html

You and we know that this download is free of unwanted extras, but your users 
don't have an idea whether or not they will experience some unwanted activities 
after installing your program.
If you would like easily increase your trust rank, refer your customers to see that your software is 100% SAFE. Easily show the Dodownload.com Certify - Seal of Quality on your site. The source code of your award is here:
Like you'll see our reports are real and are not fake like from the other 
download sites! Dodownload.com will test your product for free in the future, 

Yours faithfully,
     DoDownload.com Support Team


Gosh...I'm inspired with faith!**... I'll download it and install it on Windows right now! Now if I can just figure
out how to use it...

        (it's sunday...)

**--(it's sunday?)

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