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Two job positions are still available. Job ID 1278508640

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Subject: Two job positions are still available. Job ID 1278508640
From: Berk Gillespie <lopes-vivian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 14:17:24 +0100
Importance: Normal
Our company Diamond Sky, which is dynamically developing with every passing 
year, is proud to offer you the convenience of manifold perspectives on the 
prospective position of a service-manager.

We are acting as concierge services in  7 highly-developed countries of the 
world. Our managers provide assistance in numerous spheres of business and 
leisure such as:
- booking of air tickets 
- hotel bookings 
- car renting 
- search, hire and design of conference halls 
- search, purchase and delivery of presents

As a result of our managers` assistance our clients are exempt from spending 
their personal and business time. Due to the fact that the services we supply 
are in great demand all over the world, we expand  the stuff and we invite you 
to take part in the contest for the position of the Service MANAGER and to work 
for of our company.

MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES of the service-manager are listed below:
-work with clients 
-processing of orders of our clients 
-processing and updating of our database of services
Position Requirements:
- efficiency in processing of orders
- responsibility in carrying out your duties 
- good communication skills
We are constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals, at all levels, to join 
our company, across all our concierge services divisions. 
At Diamond Sky, we distinguish ourselves as a high performance organization 
with responsible people who provide quality service to our customers. We 
believe that one of the most important functions of management is to provide 
employees with the opportunity to develop their talents to the full. The 
benefits are job satisfaction for our employees enabling them to make a 
positive contribution to the success of the company.

If this position seems to be interesting to you, you fit the requirements and 
would like to join our company
send your CV  and your contact phone number to vivan-lopes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and 
we will contact you.

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