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Successful Project Management 2010(成功项目管理2010) **Last Reminder to Regist

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Subject: Successful Project Management 2010(成功项目管理2010) **Last Reminder to Register- 3 Seats Left**
From: "Martin Geng" <martin.geng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 16:59:10 +1000
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This is your last chance to register for Successful Project Management 2010. We have only 3 seats left; therefore, do not miss this opportunity to register!



Successful Project Management 2010

26&27 July 2010

Shanghai, China



How are you?


MARTIN LINKING is convening the Successful Project Management 2010 on 26&27 July 2010 in Shanghai. It’s a two-day workshop to assist project managers to develop key skills and practical approaches to manage a successful project with leading project management methodology and tools.


What the Seminar Will Help You Achieve:

• How to start a project right, and do the right project

• Produce a project plan to ensure successful delivery and stakeholder satisfaction

• Plan and run projects using best practices in a 6-step project management process

• Implement risk management techniques and mitigation strategies

• Estimate and schedule task work and duration with confidence

• Implement monitoring tools and controls to keep you fully in command of the project

• Recognize and practice the leadership skills needed to run a motivated team


Why you need trained project managers?

The expectations of companies and their clients constantly grow in step with project complexity. Every phase in a project contains pitfalls that must be anticipated so appropriate measures can be taken. The project manager's experience, coupled with a mastery of project management tools and techniques, is key to the success of a project. We also combine this with a coaching service to help your employees put this new knowledge to use and create practical benefits for your organization.

Through a multimedia-enhanced simulation, you manage an extensive and comprehensive project. You use computer- and paper-based tools and templates to actively plan, control and close the project.


Experiential activities include:

• Understand why projects fail and how proper project management can improve project successes

• Defining and agreeing on clear project goals and measurable deliverables

• Brainstorming the work breakdown structure

• Estimating task duration and work

• Determining task dependencies and the project schedule

• Practical approach to achieve quality goals in a project

• Developing risk management plans

• Producing the implementation plan

• Managing and responding to changes

• Evaluating motivation and team-building issues


Two days training fee is USD 1295.


Please find an agenda in both English and Chinese attached with this email and feel free to contact me for more information.


To register the very limited seats, simply fill out the registration form, attention it to Martin Geng and fax it to + 86 28 6552 1233.


Martin Geng


Martin Linking Business Consulting Company Limited.


T: +86 28 65521255

F: +86 28 65521233



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