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Re: rsync and corrupt inodes (was xfs_dump problem)

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Subject: Re: rsync and corrupt inodes (was xfs_dump problem)
From: Michael Monnerie <michael.monnerie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 08:21:51 +0200
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On Freitag, 2. Juli 2010 Dave Chinner wrote:
> So it's the rsync daemon on saturn that is doing all the IO?

> > I rsynced today 3 times, twice with the openSUSE kernel and once
> > with 2.6.34, no problem. Sorry (or maybe "lucky me"?).
> >
> > > > 852c268f-cf1a-11de-b09b-806e6f6e6963.vhd* ??????????? ? ?    ?
> > > >       ?            ? 852c2690-cf1a-11de-b09b-806e6f6e6963.vhd
> > >
> > > On the source machine, can you get a list of the xattrs on the
> > > inode?
> >
> > How would I do that? "getfattr" on that file gives no return, does
> > that mean it doesn't have anything to say? I never do that things,
> > so there shouldn't be any attributes set.
> "getfattr -d"

Sorry, doesn't work:

# getfattr -d 852c2690-cf1a-11de-b09b-806e6f6e6963.vhd
getfattr: 852c2690-cf1a-11de-b09b-806e6f6e6963.vhd: Structure needs 

> The first character of the name is bad, everything after that -
> including the attribute value - is identical to that on other
> inodes.  What this implies is that we've overwritten the start of
> the attribute fork with something, and that looks exactly like the
> swap extents problems that we've fixed recently....
> >
> > Yes, xfs_fsdr was running. Disabled it now, and compiled and
> > changed to kernel 2.6.34 now. Hope that's OK ;-)
> Ok, so we have identified a potential cause. Either disabling fsr or
> upgrading to 2.6.34 should be sufficient to avoid the problem. If no
> problem show up now you are on 2.6.34, then I'd switch fsr back on
> and see if they show up again...

So far, so good. I'm on 2.6.34 now. Is there any chance for a fixed 
version of xfs_repair, so that I can either get rid of the 4 broken 
files (i.e. delete them), or repair the filesystem? ATM, xfs_repair 
asserts on this filesystem.

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