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xfs_repair memory usage and stopping on "Traversing filesystem..."

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Subject: xfs_repair memory usage and stopping on "Traversing filesystem..."
From: Colin Wilson <cwilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 15:28:20 -0400
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Thread-topic: xfs_repair memory usage and stopping on "Traversing filesystem..."
Hello all,
        I seem to be having the same problem as Tomasz had in this post to the 
mailing list: http://oss.sgi.com/archives/xfs/2009-07/msg00082.html .  Eric 
ultimately suggested running xfs_repair with the '-P' and '-o bhash=1024' flags 
to get past this problem and described what he thought the underlieing problem 
was as such:

> "This looks like some of the caching that xfs_repair does is mis-sized,
> and it gets stuck when it's unable to find a slot for a new node to
> cache.  IMHO that's still a bug that I'd like to work out.  If it gets
> stuck this way, it'd probably be better to exit, and suggest a larger
> hash size."

        Currently my file system is ~50 TB in size with ~40TB in use and when I 
do the repair memory usage ends up between 10 and 11 GB used for most of the 
check .  The system currently has 12GB of ram not including swap.  Is this 
expected behavior?  My concern is setting bhash too large and causing 
xfs_repair to swap for long periods of time.  It already takes a few days to 
get to Phase 6 in the repair.

        I am currently running Debian Lenny(5.0.4) with xfsprogs 2.9.8 with 
linux kernel 2.6.26.  I've briefly looked through the change logs for newer 
version of xfsprogs and noticed that there were a few updates mentioning better 
memory performance or management  so upgrading to a newer version may be all I 
need.  Has the bug Eric mentions been fixed in a later version of xfsprogs?  
What is your suggestion as to my best course of action to get this xfs-repair 
to complete in a timely manor without using up all the ram in my system?  Thanks

xfs_info dump:
# xfs_info /u1/
meta-data=/dev/mapper/sangroup-sandisk isize=256    agcount=821, 
agsize=15258784 blks
         =                       sectsz=512   attr=0
data     =                       bsize=4096   blocks=12514290688, imaxpct=25
         =                       sunit=0      swidth=0 blks
naming   =version 2              bsize=4096  
log      =internal               bsize=4096   blocks=32768, version=1
         =                       sectsz=512   sunit=0 blks, lazy-count=0
realtime =none                   extsz=65536  blocks=0, rtextents=0


Colin Wilson
Linux Systems Administrator
T +1.781.810.1331
F +1.781.891.5145

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