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Question : Using libhandle from xfsprogs and xfs actions made "by handle

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Question : Using libhandle from xfsprogs and xfs actions made "by handle"
From: DENIEL Philippe <philippe.deniel@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 15:54:59 +0200
Organization: CEA-DAM
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I had a look at the stuff within xfsprogs and it really look pretty nice. One thing is of great interest to me : the libhandle.so library. I am currently developing a NFS server running in userspace (see http://nfs-ganesha.sourceforge.net for details). As you know, the NFS protocol has a "handle based" semantics in the way it manages FS objects. All objects are identified by a unique filehandle or by their name and the parent's directory filehandle. The trouble is that libC does not include such "by handle" calls to manage FS, only the old fashioned POSIX API which is a "By path" API. When looking at XFS, I saw there was "open_by_handle" and "path_to_handle" calls. This sounds very very good to me : this sounds like kind of bridge to build a handle-based API to address XFS. But so far, I am a bit stuck : for exporting XFS through my NFS server, I would need to do "by handle" everything that can be done through POSIX calls, open/read/write/close files, create files/directories/symlinks, erasing or moving files... and so on. I do not know if this is possible with the calls in libhandle.so. But if I had such handle based tools, I think I could make a nice NFS server on top of XFS (I did this kind of port for LUSTRE (which has a full handle based API) in my NFS server and I had really good performances). Can someone provide me with information about this ?



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