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RE: different error messages for mkfs.xfs -ssize

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Subject: RE: different error messages for mkfs.xfs -ssize
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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:18:39 -0600
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Thread-topic: different error messages for mkfs.xfs -ssize
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>Subject: different error messages for mkfs.xfs -ssize
>Hi experts,
>I got different error messages when provide different value for -ssize.
>Why the error messages are different? They are different but no one is
>containing more info than the other.

1639         if (sectorsize < XFS_MIN_SECTORSIZE ||
1640             sectorsize > XFS_MAX_SECTORSIZE || sectorsize >
blocksize) {
1641                 fprintf(stderr, _("illegal sector size %d\n"),
1642                 usage();
1643         }

According to the defaults:

62 #define XFS_MIN_SECTORSIZE_LOG  9       /* i.e. 512 bytes */

Looks like your sectorsize is not greater than XFS_MIN_SECTORSIZE
(illegal sector size)

For 3072,

1561                                         if (sectorsize <= 0 ||
1562                                             !ispow2(sectorsize))
1563                                                 illegal(value, "s

3072 is not a power of two (illegal value)

>[root@desk test-xfsprogs]# mkfs.xfs -ssize=256 /dev/sda10 -f 
>2>&1 |head -n 1
>illegal sector size 256
>[root@desk test-xfsprogs]# mkfs.xfs -ssize=3072 /dev/sda10 -f 
>2>&1 |head -n 1
>Illegal value 3072 for -s sectsize option
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