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xfsrestore very slow

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: xfsrestore very slow
From: Jimmy Dorff <jdorff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 14:10:20 -0400
Hi Folks,

I have a xfsdump on a hard drive. I would like to restore some files
from the dump, but it seems to take a very long time to get past the
"xfsrestore: reading directories" step.

I'm currently running:
xfsrestore -i -p 15 -J -f /mnt/external/xfsdumpfile /home/restore/
xfsrestore: session time: Mon Feb 22 07:24:37 2010
xfsrestore: level: 0
xfsrestore: session label: "FEB222010"
xfsrestore: media label: "TAPE1"
xfsrestore: file system id: 7f1772b4-b84f-4dda-9aaa-50171958e3be
xfsrestore: session id: 2e475d74-ea50-415b-8ac4-0d1aa1755a08
xfsrestore: media id: 30f4a884-0986-4720-b1cc-5f4b9429ec09
xfsrestore: searching media for directory dump
xfsrestore: reading directories
xfsrestore: status at 13:38:19: 24390/137035 directories reconstructed,
17.8% complete, 250561 directory entries processed, 7348 seconds elapsed

The dump file isn't that big (132G) and didn't take this long to create.
Is this normal or is something wrong ?


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