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[XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.33-rc2, created.

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.33-rc2, created. v2.6.33-rc2
From: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 16:21:59 -0600
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "XFS development tree".

The annotated tag, v2.6.33-rc2 has been created
        at  331ce84170c8ebba5f0fadac64f66d6f00a438e4 (tag)
   tagging  6b7b284958d47b77d06745b36bc7f36dab769d9b (commit)
  replaces  v2.6.33-rc1
 tagged by  Linus Torvalds
        on  Thu Dec 24 13:09:52 2009 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Linux 2.6.33-rc2
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Al Viro (4):
      fix braindamage in audit_tree.c untag_chunk()
      fix more leaks in audit_tree.c tag_chunk()
      Fix f_flags/f_mode in case of lookup_instantiate_filp() from 
open(pathname, 3)
      Sanitize f_flags helpers

Alan Cox (1):
      jfs: Fix 32bit build warning

Alan Stern (5):
      PM: Use pm_runtime_put_sync in system resume
      PM: Runtime PM documentation update
      USB: power management documentation update
      USB: rename usb_configure_device
      USB: fix bugs in usb_(de)authorize_device

Albert Herranz (3):
      powerpc/gamecube/wii: Fix off-by-one error in ugecon/usbgecko_udbg
      powerpc/gc/wii: hlwd-pic: convert irq_desc.lock to raw_spinlock
      powerpc/gc/wii: Remove get_irq_desc()

Alex Chiang (11):
      ACPI: processor: call _PDC early
      ACPI: processor: introduce arch_has_acpi_pdc
      ACPI: processor: unify arch_acpi_processor_init_pdc
      ACPI: processor: factor out common _PDC settings
      ACPI: processor: finish unifying arch_acpi_processor_init_pdc()
      ACPI: processor: unify arch_acpi_processor_cleanup_pdc
      ACPI: processor: introduce acpi_processor_alloc_pdc()
      ACPI: processor: change acpi_processor_eval_pdc interface
      ACPI: processor: open code acpi_processor_cleanup_pdc
      ACPI: processor: change acpi_processor_set_pdc() interface
      ACPI: processor: remove _PDC object list from struct acpi_processor

Alex Deucher (6):
      drm/radeon/kms/atom: fill in proper defines for digital setup
      drm/radeon/kms: fix legacy rmx
      drm/radeon/kms: set proper default tv standard
      drm/radeon/kms: add cvt mode if we only have lvds w/h and no edid (v4)
      drm/radeon/kms: never combine LVDS with another encoder
      drm/radeon/kms: add definitions for v4 power tables

Alexey Dobriyan (4):
      powerpc/iseries: Convert to proc_fops
      netns: fix net.ipv6.route.gc_min_interval_ms in netns
      asus_acpi: convert to seq_file
      toshiba_acpi: convert to seq_file

Alexey Starikovskiy (1):
      ACPI: EC: Fix MSI DMI detection

Anand Gadiyar (1):
      ARM: 5853/1: ARM: Fix build break on ARM v6 and v7

Anatolij Gustschin (1):
      powerpc/44x: Extend Katmai dts for ADMA and RAID56 support

Andi Kleen (4):
      HWPOISON: Add PROC_FS dependency to hwpoison injector v2
      DRM: Rename clamp variable
      SYSCTL: Print binary sysctl warnings (nearly) only once
      SYSCTL: Add a mutex to the page_alloc zone order sysctl

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
      Remove obsolete comment in fs.h

Andreas Herrmann (1):
      x86, amd: Get multi-node CPU info from NodeId MSR instead of PCI config 

Andreas Mohr (2):
      USB: ftdi_sio: isolate all device IDs to new ftdi_sio_ids.h header
      USB: ftdi_sio: sort PID/VID entries in new ftdi_sio_ids.h header

Andrei Emeltchenko (1):
      Bluetooth: Fix L2CAP locking scheme regression

Andres Salomon (1):
      watchdog: update geodewdt for new MFGPT API

Andrew Lunn (1):
      Staging: batman-adv: Add Kconfig dependancies on PROC_FS and PACKET.

Andrew Morton (1):
      arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/acpi-cpufreq.c: avoid cross-CPU interrupts by 
using smp_call_function_any()

Anisse Astier (3):
      MAINTAINERS: add maintainer for msi-wmi driver
      ALSA: hda - Add STAC9205 PCI_QUIRK for Dell Vostro 1700
      wmi: Free the allocated acpi objects through wmi_get_event_data

Anton Blanchard (3):
      powerpc/defconfigs: Reduce 64bit vmlinux by making acenic and cramfs 
      powerpc/defconfigs: Disable token ring in powerpc defconfigs
      powerpc/defconfigs: Set HZ=100 on pseries and ppc64 defconfigs

Anton Vorontsov (4):
      powerpc/fsl_pci: Fix P2P bridge handling for MPC83xx PCIe controllers
      powerpc/83xx/suspend: Clear deep_sleeping after devices resume
      powerpc/83xx/suspend: Save and restore SICRL, SICRH and SCCR
      powerpc/83xx: Add power management support for MPC8315E-RDB boards

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
      perf session: Make events_stats u64 to avoid overflow on 32-bit arches

Arnaud Mandy (1):
      USB: musb: gadget: set otg tranceiver to idle when registering gadget

Arnd Bergmann (2):
      drm: convert drm_ioctl to unlocked_ioctl
      fs/compat_ioctl.c: fix build error when !BLOCK

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
      pata_cmd64x: fix overclocking of UDMA0-2 modes

Ben Skeggs (5):
      drm/nv40: implement ctxprog/state generation
      drm/nv50: fix two potential suspend/resume oopses
      drm/nouveau: prevent all channel creation if accel not available
      drm/nv50: fix suspend/resume delays without firmware present
      drm/nouveau: fix bug causing pinned buffers to lose their NO_EVICT flag

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (4):
      powerpc/mm: Fix a WARN_ON() with CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC and 
      powerpc: Fix MSI support on U4 bridge PCIe slot
      Merge commit 'kumar/next' into merge
      Merge commit 'jwb/next' into merge

Bernd Porr (2):
      Staging: comedi: usbdux.c: fix locking up of the driver when the comedi 
ringbuffer runs empty
      Staging: comedi: removed "depricated" from COMEDI_CB_BLOCK

Bill Gatliff (1):
      USB: Fix double-linking of drivers/usb/otg when ULPI is selected

Blaise Gassend (1):
      USB: serial: Extra device/vendor ID for mos7840 driver

Bob Gleitsmann (1):
      drm/mm: fix logic for selection of best fit block

Borislav Petkov (7):
      x86, msr: msrs_alloc/free for CONFIG_SMP=n
      amd64_edac: fix K8 chip select reporting
      amd64_edac: fix driver instance freeing
      amd64_edac: make driver loading more robust
      amd64_edac: fix forcing module load/unload
      amd64_edac: restrict PCI config space access
      edac, pci: remove pesky debug printk

Breno Leitao (2):
      bnx2: reset_task is crashing the kernel. Fixing it.
      bnx2: fixing a timout error due not refreshing TX timers correctly

Bruce Allan (1):
      e1000e: LED settings in EEPROM ignored on 82571 and 82572

Bryan Wu (1):
      USB: musb: workaround Blackfin FIFO anomalies

Carlos R. Mafra (1):
      ACPI: do not select ACPI_DOCK from ATA_ACPI

Christoph Hellwig (1):
      libata: use the WRITE_SAME_16 define

Clemens Ladisch (2):
      sound: sgio2audio/pdaudiocf/usb-audio: initialize PCM buffer
      USB: emi62: fix crash when trying to load EMI 6|2 firmware

Cliff Cai (4):
      USB: musb: fix compiling warning with min() macro
      USB: musb: correct DMA address for tx
      USB: audio gadget: fix wTotalLength calculation
      USB: audio gadget: free alsa devices when unloading

Coly Li (2):
      ocfs2: explicit declare uninitialized var in user_cluster_connect()
      ocfs2: replace u8 by __u8 in ocfs2_fs.h

Cory Maccarrone (1):
      i2c-omap: Don't write IE state in unidle if 0

Daniel T Chen (1):
      ALSA: hda: Set Front Mic to input vref 50% for Lenovo 3000 Y410

Daniele Calore (1):
      alpha: Wire up missing/new syscalls

Dave Airlie (5):
      Merge remote branch 'korg/drm-vmware-staging' into drm-core-next
      Merge branch 'drm-linus' into drm-core-next
      drm/radeon: fix build on 64-bit with some compilers.
      Merge remote branch 'nouveau/for-airlied' into drm-linus
      Merge remote branch 'korg/drm-radeon-next' into drm-linus

David Daney (2):
      powerpc: Convert BUG() to use unreachable()
      alpha: Convert BUG() to use unreachable()

David Gibson (1):
      powerpc/mm: Fix stupid bug in subpge protection handling

David Miller (1):
      sched: Fix cpu_clock() in NMIs, on !CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK

David Vrabel (1):
      MAINTAINERS: update entries for WUSB, UWB and WLP subsystems

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (4):
      powerpc/83xx: mpc8349emitx - add gpio controller declarations
      powerpc/83xx: mpc8349emitx - populate I2C busses in device tree
      powerpc/83xx: mpc8349emitx - add OF descriptions of LocalBus devices
      powerpc/83xx: mpc8349emitx - add leds-gpio binding

Dmitry Monakhov (7):
      ext3: quota macros cleanup [V2]
      Add unlocked version of inode_add_bytes() function
      quota: decouple fs reserved space from quota reservation
      ext4: Convert to generic reserved quota's space management.
      quota: Move duplicated code to separate functions
      ext4: Fix potential quota deadlock
      ext4: fix sleep inside spinlock issue with quota and dealloc (#14739)

Dmitry Torokhov (4):
      tc1100-wmi - switch to using attribute group
      tc1100-wmi - add error handling for device registration
      tc1100-wmi - switch to using dev_pm_ops
      dell-wmi: do not keep driver loaded on unsupported boxes

Dominik Brodowski (1):
      resources: fix call to alignf() in allocate_resource()

Donny Kurnia (1):
      USB: option: support hi speed for modem Haier CE100

Einar Rünkaru (2):
      ALSA: hda - Fixed internal mic initialization for Dell Vostro 1015
      ALSA: hda - Make use of beep device found in Dell Vostro 1015n

Eric Millbrandt (1):
      ASoC: Do not write to invalid registers on the wm9712.

Eric Sandeen (4):
      ext3: Remove outdated comment about lock_super()
      ext3: ext3_mark_recovery_complete() doesn't need to use lock_super
      ext3: Replace lock/unlock_super() with an explicit lock for the orphan 
      ext3: Replace lock/unlock_super() with an explicit lock for resizing

Evgeniy Polyakov (1):
      pohmelfs needs I_LOCK

Felipe Balbi (4):
      USB: musb: move musb_remove to __exit
      USB: musb: MAINTAINERS: Fix my tree's address
      USB: musb: do not work if no gadget driver is loaded
      usb: otg: isp1301_omap: fix compile error

Felix Radensky (1):
      powerpc/85xx: Workaround MPC8572/MPC8536 GPIO 1 errata.

Florian Fainelli (1):
      ALSA: sound/core/pcm_timer.c: use lib/gcd.c

Francisco Jerez (4):
      drm/nv04-nv40: Fix "conflicting memory types" when saving/restoring VGA 
      drm/i2c/ch7006: Fix load detection false positives right after system 
      drm/nouveau: Fix up buffer eviction, and evict them to GART, if possible.
      drm/nv10: Add the initial graph context and soft methods needed for LMA.

Frederic Weisbecker (4):
      sched: Teach might_sleep() about preemptible RCU
      perf events, x86/stacktrace: Make stack walking optional
      perf events, x86/stacktrace: Fix performance/softlockup by providing a 
special frame pointer-only stack walker
      hw-breakpoints: Fix hardware breakpoints -> perf events dependency

Gautham R Shenoy (2):
      powerpc/pseries: Don't panic when H_PROD fails during cpu-online.
      powerpc/pseries: Make declarations of cpu_hotplug_driver_lock() ANSI 

George Kadianakis (3):
      Staging: fix rtl8187se compilation errors with mac80211
      staging: fix rtl8192e compilation errors with mac80211
      staging: fix rtl8192su compilation errors with mac80211

Greg Kroah-Hartman (3):
      Staging: batman: fix debug Kconfig option
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/gregkh/linux/git/torvalds-2.6
      Staging: dst: remove from the tree

Guennadi Liakhovetski (3):
      sh: dmaengine support for sh7724.
      ASoC: wm8974: fix a wrong bit definition
      ASoC: add missing parameter to mx27vis_hifi_hw_free()

Gustavo F. Padovan (2):
      Bluetooth: Fix unset of RemoteBusy flag for L2CAP
      Bluetooth: Ack L2CAP I-frames before retransmit missing packet

H Hartley Sweeten (2):
      pata_octeon_cf: use resource_size(), to fix resource sizing bug
      [WATCHDOG] use resource_size()

H. Peter Anvin (3):
      x86, msr/cpuid: Register enough minors for the MSR and CPUID drivers
      Makefile: set LC_CTYPE, LC_COLLATE, LC_NUMERIC to C
      Makefile: Unexport LC_ALL instead of clearing it

Hector Martin (3):
      ALSA: HDA: simplify Aspire 8930G verb array
      ALSA: HDA: remove useless mixers on Aspire 8930G
      ALSA: HDA: add powersaving hook for Realtek

Heiko Carstens (2):
      [S390] wire up sys_recvmmsg
      [S390] Use strim instead of strstrip to avoid false warnings.

Ian Abbott (1):
      Staging: comedi: jr3_pci: Don't ioremap too much space. Check result.

Imre Kaloz (1):
      [WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt: add PCI ID for the Intel EP80579 (Tolapai) SoC

Ingo Molnar (2):
      Merge branch 'linus' into sched/urgent
      sched: Make warning less noisy

J. Bruce Fields (1):
      nfsd: fix "insecure" export option

Jan Beulich (1):
      USB: fix section mismatch in early ehci dbgp

Jan Glauber (2):
      [S390] qdio: remove superfluous log entries and WARN_ONs.
      [S390] qdio: add counter for input queue full condition

Jan Kara (5):
      ocfs2: Always include ACL support
      ocfs2: Make acl use the default
      ocfs2: Set MS_POSIXACL on remount
      quota: Fix 64-bit limits setting on 32-bit archs
      quota: Improve checking of quota file header

Jaroslav Kysela (2):
      Merge branch 'fix/hda' of 
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiwai/sound-2.6 into fixes
      ALSA: hda/realtek: Remove extra .capsrc_nids initialization for 

Jean PIHET (1):
      ARM: 5849/1: ARMv7: fix Oprofile events count

Jeff Garzik (2):
      sata_mv: remove pointless NULL test
      Revert "pata_cmd64x: implement serialization as per notes"

Jeff Liu (1):
      ocfs2-devel: remove redundant OCFS2_MOUNT_POSIX_ACL check in 

Jerome Glisse (2):
      drm/radeon/kms: Avoid crash when trying to cleanup uninitialized structure
      drm/radeon/kms: Check module arguments to be valid V2

Joe Perches (1):
      sched: Use pr_fmt() and pr_<level>()

Jon Smirl (1):
      ASoC: Fix disable of SPDIF on STAC9766 codec

Jonathan Woithe (1):
      fujitu-laptop: fix tests of acpi_evaluate_integer() return value

Julia Lawall (6):
      [S390] drivers: Correct size given to memset
      ALSA: Use kzalloc for allocating only one thing
      drivers/gpu: Use kzalloc for allocating only one thing
      Staging: wlan-ng: fix Correct size given to memset
      Staging: batman-adv: introduce missing kfree
      USB: gadget: Use ERR_PTR/IS_ERR

Kailang Yang (1):
      ALSA: hda - More ALC663 fixes and support of compatible chips

Kay Sievers (2):
      vfs: get_sb_single() - do not pass options twice
      devtmpfs: unlock mutex in case of string allocation error

Krzysztof Helt (2):
      ALSA: fix incorrect rounding direction in snd_interval_ratnum()
      ALSA: sbawe: fix memory detection

Kuninori Morimoto (2):
      ASoC: ak4642: Add default return value in ak4642_modinit
      sh: mach-ecovec24: setup.c detailed correction

Len Brown (7):
      Merge branch 'osc' into release
      Merge branches 'bugzilla-14446', 'bugzilla-14753' and 'bugzilla-14824' 
into release
      Merge branch 'pdc' into release
      Merge branch 'classmate' into release
      Merge branch 'sony' into release
      Merge branch 'tc1100-wmi' into release
      Merge branch 'misc-2.6.33' into release

Linus Torvalds (37):
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.marist.edu/pub/scm/linux-2.6
      Merge branch 'timers-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
      Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of 
      Revert "time: Remove xtime_cache"
      Merge branch 'merge' of 
      Merge branch 'for-upstream' of 
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs-2.6
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'drm-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'for_linus' of 
      Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of 
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/staging-2.6
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-core-2.6
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
      Revert "x86, ucode-amd: Ensure ucode update on suspend/resume after CPU 
off/online cycle"
      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
      Merge branch 'i2c-fixes' of git://git.fluff.org/bjdooks/linux
      Merge branch 'sh/for-2.6.33' of 
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
      Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of 
      Merge branch 'release' of 
      Merge branch 'hwpoison' of 
      Merge branch 'sysctl' of 
      Linux 2.6.33-rc2

Maarten Maathuis (1):
      drm/nouveau: use drm debug levels

Magnus Damm (1):
      serial: sh-sci: earlyprintk zero uartclk fix

Manjunatha GK (1):
      i2c-omap: OMAP3: Fix I2C lockup during timeout/error cases

Marcin KoÅ?cielnicki (4):
      drm/nouveau: Kill global state in NvShadowBIOS
      drm/nouveau: Kill global state in BIOS script interpreter
      drm/nv04: Fix NV04 set_operation software method.
      drm/nouveau: Add proper error handling to nouveau_card_init

Marek Olšák (2):
      drm/radeon/kms: allow rendering while no colorbuffer is set on r300
      drm/radeon/kms: add 3DC compression support

Marin Mitov (1):
      drm/kms: silencing a false positive warning.

Mark Ware (1):
      powerpc/cpm2_pic: Allow correct flow_types for port C interrupts

Markus Pietrek (1):
      sh: Ensure all PG_dcache_dirty pages are written back.

Martin Schwidefsky (1):
      [S390] rename NT_PRXSTATUS to NT_S390_HIGHREGS

Masami Hiramatsu (4):
      perf probe: Fix libdwarf include path for Debian
      perf probe: Check whether debugfs path is correct
      kprobe-tracer: Check new event/group name
      perf probe: Check new event name

Mattia Dongili (3):
      sony-laptop: add AVMode key mapping
      sony-laptop: rfkill support for newer models
      sony-laptop: enumerate rfkill devices using SN06

Maulik Mankad (2):
      USB: musb: Fix null pointer dereference issue
      USB: musb: Fix array index out of bounds issue

Mel Gorman (1):
      powerpc/pseries: Select XICS and PCI_MSI PSERIES

Michael Chan (1):
      bnx2: Fix bnx2_netif_stop() merge error.

Michael Cree (1):
      alpha: Add minimal support for software performance events

Michael Hennerich (1):
      Driver core: export platform_device_register_data as a GPL symbol

Michael Holzheu (1):
      [S390] tape: Add pr_fmt() macro to all tape source files

Mike Rapoport (1):
      ARM: 5857/1: ARM: dmabounce: fix build

Nageswari Srinivasan (1):
      TI DaVinci EMAC: Fix MDIO bus frequency configuration

Neil Campbell (1):
      powerpc: Handle VSX alignment faults correctly in little-endian mode

Nitin Gupta (1):
      Staging: ramzswap: remove ARM specific d-cache hack

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (1):
      sh: dmaengine support for SH7785

Oleg Nesterov (1):
      [S390] ptrace: dont abuse PT_PTRACED

Oliver Neukum (1):
      Bluetooth: Prevent ill-timed autosuspend in USB driver

Pallipadi, Venkatesh (1):
      x86: Reenable TSC sync check at boot, even with NONSTOP_TSC

Paul Mundt (5):
      sh: Fix up MAX_DMA_CHANNELS definition when DMA is disabled.
      sh: Restore bl bit toggling in idle loop.
      sh: Only use bl bit toggling for sleeping idle.
      serial: sh-sci: Convert tremaining ctrl_xxx I/O routines to __raw_xxx.
      Merge branch 'sh/g3-prep' into sh/for-2.6.33

Peter Feuerer (2):
      acerhdf: add new BIOS versions
      drivers/platform/x86/acerhdf.c: check BIOS information whether it begins 
with string of table

Peter Huewe (2):
      Staging: panel: Fix compilation error with custom lcd charset
      Staging: panel: Adjust range for PANEL_KEYPAD in Kconfig

Peter Korsgaard (1):
      powerpc/gpio: support gpio_to_irq()

Peter Oberparleiter (1):
      [S390] cio: fix channel path vary

Peter Zijlstra (20):
      sched: Mark boot-cpu active before smp_init()
      sched: Fix task_hot() test order
      sched: Select_task_rq_fair() must honour SD_LOAD_BALANCE
      sched: Use TASK_WAKING for fork wakups
      sched: Ensure set_task_cpu() is never called on blocked tasks
      sched: Fix sched_exec() balancing
      sched: Fix select_task_rq() vs hotplug issues
      sched: Move kthread_bind() back to kthread.c
      sched: Add pre and post wakeup hooks
      sched: Remove the cfs_rq dependency from set_task_cpu()
      sched: Simplify set_task_cpu()
      perf events: Dont report side-band events on each cpu for 
per-task-per-cpu events
      sched: Move TASK_STATE_TO_CHAR_STR near the TASK_state bits
      sched: Add missing state chars to TASK_STATE_TO_CHAR_STR
      sched: Update task_state_arraypwith new states
      sched: Assert task state bits at build time
      sched: Fix broken assertion
      sched: Restore printk sanity
      sched: Fix hotplug hang
      sched: Revert 738d2be, simplify set_task_cpu()

Phil Carmody (4):
      Driver core: device_attribute parameters can often be const*
      Driver core: bin_attribute parameters can often be const*
      Driver core: driver_attribute parameters can often be const*
      driver core: Prevent reference to freed memory on error path

Phillip Lougher (3):
      bzip2/lzma/gzip: pre-boot malloc doesn't return NULL on failure
      bzip2: Add missing checks for malloc returning NULL
      initramfs: add missing decompressor error check

Rafael Avila de Espindola (1):
      ALSA: hda - Add support for the new 27 inch IMacs

Rafael J. Wysocki (4):
      sched: Make wakeup side and atomic variants of completion API irq safe
      PM: Make the initcall_debug style timing for suspend/resume complete
      PM: Measure device suspend and resume times
      PM / Runtime: Use device type and device class callbacks

RafaÅ? MiÅ?ecki (2):
      drm/radeon/kms: prevent parallel AtomBIOS calls
      drm/radeon/kms: enable memory clock reading on legacy (V2)

Randy Dunlap (6):
      lib/string.c: fix kernel-doc warnings
      mm tracing: cleanup Documentation/trace/events-kmem.txt
      kfifo: fix Error/broken kernel-doc notation
      Staging: rtl8192x: fix printk formats
      Staging/vt66*: kconfig, depends on WLAN
      USB core: fix recent kernel-doc warnings

Robert Hancock (1):
      libata: fix reporting of drained bytes when clearing DRQ

Robert Jennings (2):
      mm: Add notifier in pageblock isolation for balloon drivers
      powerpc: Make the CMM memory hotplug aware

Robert P. J. Day (1):
      perf events: Remove unused perf_counter.h header file

Roel Kluin (8):
      sound/oss/pss: Fix test of unsigned in pss_reset_dsp() and 
      Bluetooth: Fix PTR_ERR return of wrong pointer in hidp_setup_hid()
      powerpc/85xx: Wrong variable returned on error
      [S390] dasd: PTR_ERR return of wrong pointer in
      [S390] s390: PTR_ERR return of wrong pointer in fallback_init_cip()
      [S390] tty: PTR_ERR return of wrong pointer in fs3270_open()
      broadcom: bcm54xx_shadow_read() errors ignored in 
      Staging: rtl8192su: fix test for negative error in rtl8192_rx_isr()

Roger Oksanen (1):
      e100: Fix broken cbs accounting due to missing memset.

Roland Dreier (3):
      x86: Don't use POSIX character classes in gen-insn-attr-x86.awk
      alloc_file(): simplify handling of mnt_clone_write() errors
      anonfd: Allow making anon files read-only

Russell King (13):
      ARM: Convert VFP/Crunch/XscaleCP thread_release() to exit_thread()
      ARM: Kill CONFIG_CPU_32
      ALSA: AACI: simplify codec rate information
      ALSA: AACI: cleanup aaci_pcm_hw_params
      ALSA: AACI: factor common hw_params logic into aaci_pcm_hw_params
      ALSA: AACI: add double-rate support
      ALSA: AACI: switch to per-pcm locking
      ARM: add missing include to nwflash.c
      ARM: Fix wrong shared bit for CPU write buffer bug test
      ARM: fix PAGE_KERNEL
      ARM: footbridge: trim down old ISA rtc setup
      ARM: dma-isa: request cascade channel after registering it
      VIDEO: cyberpro: pci_request_regions needs a persistent name

Sachin P. Sant (1):
      powerpc/mm: Fix hash_utils_64.c compile errors with DEBUG enabled.

Saeed Bishara (6):
      sata_mv: increase PIO IORDY timeout
      sata_mv: support clkdev framework
      sata_mv: add power management support for the platform driver
      sata_mv: move the PCI bar description initialization code
      sata_mv: store the board_idx into the host private data
      sata_mv: add power management support for the PCI controllers.

Sandeep Gopalpet (3):
      gianfar: Fix a filer bug
      gianfar: Fix stats support
      gianfar: Fix bit definitions of IMASK_GRSC and IMASK_GTSC

Sean MacLennan (1):
      powerpc/44x: Increase warp SD buffer

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (2):
      powerpc/fsl: try to explain why the interrupt numbers are off by 16
      Doc/stable rules: add new cherry-pick logic

Sebastian Ott (1):
      [S390] cio: fix drvdata usage for the console subchannel

Sergei Shtylyov (3):
      pata_hpt3x2n: fix clock turnaround
      USB: musb_gadget: fix kernel oops in txstate()
      USB: musb: gadget_ep0: avoid SetupEnd interrupt

Shaohua Li (1):
      ACPI: fix OSC regression that caused aer and pciehp not to load

Sheng Yang (1):
      x86: Add IA32_TSC_AUX MSR and use it

Simon Horman (1):
      timers: Remove duplicate setting of new_base in __mod_timer()

Sonic Zhang (2):
      pata_bf54x: handle portmuxing of pins through GPIO PORTs
      i2c-bfin-twi: fix CLKDIV calculation

Stefan Bader (1):
      acerhdf: limit modalias matching to supported

Stefan Haberland (1):
      [S390] dasd: move dasd-diag kmsg to dasd

Stefani Seibold (10):
      kfifo: move struct kfifo in place
      kfifo: move out spinlock
      kfifo: cleanup namespace
      kfifo: rename kfifo_put... into kfifo_in... and kfifo_get... into 
      kfifo: fix warn_unused_result
      kfifo: add DEFINE_KFIFO and friends, add very tiny functions
      kfifo: add kfifo_skip, kfifo_from_user and kfifo_to_user
      kfifo: add record handling functions
      media video cx23888 driver: ported to new kfifo API
      Fix usb_serial_probe() problem introduced by the recent kfifo changes

Stephane Glondu (1):
      staging: rtl8192su: add USB VID/PID for HWNUm-300

Stephen Hemminger (1):
      netxen: use module parameter correctly

Sunil Mushran (3):
      ocfs2/cluster: Make fence method configurable - v2
      fiemap: Add new extent flag FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED

Suresh Siddha (2):
      x86, cpuid: Add "volatile" to asm in native_cpuid()
      x86, irq: Allow 0xff for /proc/irq/[n]/smp_affinity on an 8-cpu system

Swaminathan S (2):
      USB: musb: Populate the VBUS GPIO with the correct GPIO number
      USB: musb: fix for crash in DM646x USB when (CPPI)DMA is enabled

Takashi Iwai (13):
      ALSA: hda - Fix missing capsrc_nids for ALC88x
      ALSA: hda - Fix quirk for Maxdata obook4-1
      ALSA: aaci - Fix a typo
      Merge remote branch 'alsa/fixes' into fix/hda
      Merge branch 'fix/hda' into for-linus
      Merge branch 'fix/asoc' into for-linus
      Merge branch 'fix/misc' into for-linus
      ALSA: hda - Fix NULL dereference with enable_beep=0 option
      ALSA: hda - Add MSI blacklist
      ALSA: hda - Set mixer name after codec patch
      Merge branch 'fix/misc' into for-linus
      Merge branch 'fix/asoc' into for-linus
      Merge branch 'fix/hda' into for-linus

Tao Ma (6):
      ocfs2: Find proper end cpos for a leaf refcount block.
      ocfs2: refcounttree.c cleanup.
      ocfs2: Add reflinked file's inode to inode hash eariler.
      ocfs2: Set i_nlink properly during reflink.
      ocfs2/trivial: Use proper mask for 2 places in hearbeat.c
      ocfs2/trivial: Use le16_to_cpu for a disk value in xattr.c

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (1):
      classmate-laptop: add support for Classmate PC ACPI devices

Thomas Gleixner (9):
      signal: Fix racy access to __task_cred in kill_pid_info_as_uid()
      signals: Fix more rcu assumptions
      sys: Fix missing rcu protection for __task_cred() access
      clockevents: Prevent clockevent_devices list corruption on cpu hotplug
      sched: Use rcu in sys_sched_getscheduler/sys_sched_getparam()
      sched: Use rcu in sched_get/set_affinity()
      sched: Use rcu in sched_get_rr_param()
      devtmpfs: Convert dirlock to a mutex
      Driver-core: Fix bogus 0 error return in device_add()

Thomas Hellstrom (3):
      drm/vmwgfx: Fix unlocked ioctl and add proper access control
      drm/vmwgfx: Return -ERESTARTSYS when interrupted by a signal.
      drm/vmwgfx: Use TTM handles instead of SIDs as user-space surface handles.

Thomas Renninger (2):
      acer-wmi, msi-wmi: Remove needless DMI MODULE_ALIAS
      hp-wmi: Fix two memleaks

Tiger Yang (1):
      ocfs2: return -EAGAIN instead of EAGAIN in dlm

Tristan Ye (2):
      Ocfs2: Should ocfs2 support fiemap for S_IFDIR inode?
      Ocfs2: Let ocfs2 support fiemap for symlink and fast symlink.

Uwe Kleine-König (2):
      can/at91: don't check platform_get_irq's return value against zero
      ASoC: sh: FSI:: don't check platform_get_irq's return value against zero

Wu Zhangjin (1):
      Staging: sm7xx: add a new framebuffer driver

Xiaotian Feng (1):
      sched: Fix set_cpu_active() in cpu_down()

Yang Hongyang (1):
      ipv6: fix an oops when force unload ipv6 module

Yang Li (2):
      powerpc/mm: Fix typo of cpumask_clear_cpu()
      powerpc/mpic: Fix problem that affinity is not updated

Yin Kangkai (1):
      jbd: jbd-debug and jbd2-debug should be writable

Yinghai Lu (2):
      x86: Fix checking of SRAT when node 0 ram is not from 0
      x86: Increase MAX_EARLY_RES; insufficient on 32-bit NUMA

Yong Zhang (2):
      powerpc/iseries: use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK for non-constant 
      mISDN: use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK for non-constant completion

Zhang Rui (1):
      ACPI: disable _OSI(Windows 2009) on Asus K50IJ

akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (1):
      x86: Fix objdump version check in arch/x86/tools/chkobjdump.awk

pancho horrillo (2):
      USB: add device ID for Apple Cinema Display 23in 2007
      USB: Fix a bug on appledisplay.c regarding signedness

wanzongshun (3):
      ARM: 5854/1: fix compiling error for NUC900
      ARM: 5855/1: putc support for nuc900
      ARM: 5856/1: Fix bug of uart0 platfrom data for nuc900


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