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Fwd: [TuxOnIce-devel] Latest updates.

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Subject: Fwd: [TuxOnIce-devel] Latest updates.
From: Martin Steigerwald <Martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 13:51:58 +0100
Cc: TuxOnIce Devel List <tuxonice-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Nigel, who develops the alternative TuxOnIce hibernation / snapshot 
infrastructure, implemented checking last mount time of filesystem as a 
safety feature for Ext 2, 3 and 4.

He would like this also for XFS. Does XFS record the last mount time 
somewhere? If not, could this be added?


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Subject: [TuxOnIce-devel] Latest updates.
Date: Montag 11 Januar 2010
From: Nigel Cunningham <ncunningham@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: TuxOnIce Devel List <tuxonice-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone.

I'm pushing some updates to the git trees at the moment. These add
support for storing the last mount time of filesystems in the image
header. At resume time, we can then check that the value is the same,
and refuse to resume if the filesystem has been mounted again in the
meantime. At the moment, I've only implemented this for ext filesystems.
I've looked for a last mount time in the xfs superblock structure, but
can't find one. Can anyone help there?

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