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Project Control and Earned Value Management(项目控制及挣值管理)

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Subject: Project Control and Earned Value Management(项目控制及挣值管理)
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Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 18:34:20 +1100
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Project Control and Earned Value Management

21st & 22nd January 2010

Shanghai, China



How are you?


MARTIN LINKING is convening the Project Control and Earned Value Management on 21st & 22nd January 2010 in Shanghai.


This two day interactive workshop that provide participants with the tools to achieve success. Through an interactive step-by-step process, this workshop allows you to practice through case studies with a systematic approach into the project monitoring and control using Earned Value Management method. This allows candidates to obtain early warning and time to perform correction to maximize the chance of project success.


What the Seminar Will Help You Achieve:

Through an immersive, simulated case study, you gain practical experience evaluating the development and implementation of a complex project control management plan. Activities include:

• Project budget development process

• The art of cost estimation

• Evaluating work breakdown structures

• Using EVM to monitor a project

• Case studies of EVM technique

• Project control using EVM tool by Apollo

• Exploiting the power of EVM using Value Analysis

• Innovation through Value Analysis ? Value Engineering

• Learn how Cost Breakdown Analysis can improve your product cost

• Scaling EVM from Simple to Advanced Implementations

• Conducting and evaluating an Integrated Baseline Review

• Managing program change

• Assessing organizational EVM implementation


Successful projects rely on comprehensive integrated management principles, tools and techniques. Through hands-on activities, using extensive case studies, attendees will gain practical skills to coordinate the development of, oversee, evaluate and critique projects and programs using Earned Value technique. Participants will gain the necessary skills to use advanced project management skills with extensive EVM capabilities.


Two days training fee is RMB 7995.


Please find an agenda in both English and Chinese attached with this email and feel free to contact me for more information.


To register the very limited seats, simply fill out the registration form, attention it to  Martin Geng and fax it to + 86 28 6552 1233.


Martin  Geng  


Martin Linking Business Consulting Company Limited.


T: +86 28 65521255

F: +86 28 65521233

Mob: +86 15828332755



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