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Re: XFS and DPX files

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Subject: Re: XFS and DPX files
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 15:34:34 -0600
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AndrewL733@xxxxxxx wrote:

Maybe  you should try mounting the XFS filesystem with these options :

Thanks. Already doing that -- 3ware controller does not support barriers, so that's automatically ruled out (you see a message in the syslog when mounting the filesystem that barriers will not be used). Already mounting with "noatime". Also have been trying "filestreams".

Filestreams is really only useful if you have multiple threads writing in this manner - for example 2 different movie streams.

Normally an allocation group is chosen for all new files in a directory, so if you have 2 streams to 2 directories you are writing to 2 ag's ... all is good until those ags get full and things spill over. At that point you may wind up interleaving those files from both streams in a 3rd ag.

the filestreams option more or less locks out the new ag from other streams, so that stuff stays segregated.

If this is your situation (multiple streams, each to their own directory), then filestreams may help. I think for a single stream of files, for a single video source, it won't matter.


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