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Re: [PATCH] xfsprogs: allow using libblkid instead of libdisk

To: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] xfsprogs: allow using libblkid instead of libdisk
From: Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 16:14:51 -0400
Cc: Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, util-linux-ng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: <4ACCE37F.4070006@xxxxxxxxxxx>
References: <20091006185252.GA10250@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> <4ACCE37F.4070006@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 01:52:47PM -0500, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>> Add a new --enable-blkid switch to use libblkid from util-linux to detect
>> the device geometry and check for existing partitions or filesystem on a
>> device.  Note that this requires the latest blkid from util-linux-ng git
>> for the topology calls, odler ones won't work.  If I had a little more
>> autoconf fu we might be able to detect a too early one, but right now it
>> just fails if it's too old and --enable-blkid is specified.
> Here's some autoconf fu to check for blkid topo support; this changes it to
> default to using blkid, optionally disable-able, and disables it automatically
> if the topo stuff isn't found (I think ;)

Thanks, I've folded it into my patch.

Btw, something I forgot to ask with the original patch:  Does anyone
have a use for the fstype binary that doesn't actually get installed?
It would be a lot cleaner to just nuke it instead of building it

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