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kindly get back to me urgently

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Subject: kindly get back to me urgently
From: Victor Carohams <carohams1@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 05:00:56 +0200
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I hope this mail finds you well & healthy and I hope we can established a 
relationship since we are meeting for the first time,

I have gone through a profile that speaks good of you and it interests me to 
contact you for an assistance to help me

I am Victor Carohams, what I cherish most in life is honesty, trust, love, 
truth, caring,& respect, I have all this qualities in me and I believe you have 
all this qualities too, that is why I decided to contact you for this 
transaction I believe I shall do this business successfully with you provided 
that we shall have common understanding and work with trust and one spirit for 
our mutual benefit. I worked previously for a Switzerland import and export 
consulting firm known as Mercer Management Consulting (MMC), I now work as a 
product sourcing manager and principal consultant, here in the united states.

A business seminar was held here in Geneva - Switzerland some time in June last 
year  of which I attended. While in the Seminar, I was opportune to meet REV. 
REV.DONALD WILLIAMS is an accomplished and widely known and recognized a multi 
millionaire farmer in Africa . He has cattle farms in different countries. 
Above all, he is one of the greatest suppliers of cattle, beef and other diary 
products. On getting to know my profession, REV.DONALD WILLIAMS took me into 
confidence by informing me about the purchase of a particular but very 
important medicine for his cattle.

He informed me that he buys this product at $5, 000.00 USD per carton, and that 
he mostly buys to the excess of 450 cartons. He informed me that he would like 
me to find out if my organization could source for him a cheaper supplier 
considering the recent trend of falls in the general price of beef in the world 
market which is affecting his business. Back in my office, I discussed this 
proposal with my boss and he decided to handle the supply by himself. We 
carried out a market research and discovered that we could purchase this 
medicine somewhere cheaper in EUROPE for $2,000.00 USD per carton. We moved a 
proposal to VOLTA RANCH & FARMS ETS (known as Volta Cattle Farms),to make the 
supply to them at $4,800.00 USD per carton of which he accepted.

Owing to my role in the transaction, I had an agreement with my director to be 
receiving 15% of whatever gain is made on each supply of which he agreed.

But on the completion of the supply and the receipt of the payment, my boss 
relegated on our agreement and refused to give me my share of the profit. Since 
then our relationship has been at its lowest ebb. I have since accepted it as 
one of life experiences. However, as God would have it, I ran into REV.DONALD 
WILLIAMS and he informed me that he would want us to urgently supply him with 
1250 cartons of the same product before the end of this coming October, 2009, I 
used the opportunity to inform Rev. Donald Williams that I can introduce him to 
the main producer of this vaccine who can supply him the product at $4,400.00 
USD if he will pay in advance as he usually does. He was very pleased and has 
assured me that he is not going to contact my boss again for this vaccine. He 
is now waiting for me to link him to the producer of the vaccine. We will buy 
the medicine at the cost of $2, 000.00 USD in EUROPE and sell at $4,400.00 USD 
TO REV.DONALD WILLIAMS, with him making a down p!
 ayment of 50% to you of our quoted

kindly get back to me urgently,

Victor Carohams

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