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Structure needs cleaning? (take #2)

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Structure needs cleaning? (take #2)
From: RUMI Szabolcs <rumi_ml@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 15:22:45 +0200

Sorry but my previous post was missing the important first two lines: 

d62c8000: 2c 30 78 41 41 41 41 30 30 30 30 2c 36 2c 30 78  ,0xAAAA0000,6,0x
Filesystem "sda10": XFS internal error xfs_da_do_buf(2) at line 2112 of file 
fs/xfs/xfs_da_btree.c.  Caller 0xc02cc790

Pid: 29510, comm: mc Tainted: P           2.6.29-gentoo-r5-PAE #1
Call Trace:
 [<c02cc6c4>] xfs_da_do_buf+0x8c4/0x900
 [<c02cc790>] xfs_da_read_buf+0x30/0x40
 [<c02cc790>] xfs_da_read_buf+0x30/0x40
 [<c0191ef0>] pollwake+0x0/0x50
 [<c0191ef0>] pollwake+0x0/0x50
 [<c02cc790>] xfs_da_read_buf+0x30/0x40
 [<c02d2943>] xfs_dir2_leaf_lookup_int+0x63/0x2f0
 [<c02d2943>] xfs_dir2_leaf_lookup_int+0x63/0x2f0
 [<c02d3667>] xfs_dir2_leaf_lookup+0x27/0xc0
 [<c02cf32f>] xfs_dir2_isleaf+0x1f/0x60
 [<c02cfc78>] xfs_dir_lookup+0xd8/0x180
 [<c02fedab>] xfs_lookup+0x6b/0xf0
 [<c0309165>] xfs_vn_lookup+0x55/0xa0
 [<c018adda>] do_lookup+0x1ba/0x1e0
 [<c018ca1d>] __link_path_walk+0x6cd/0xd60
 [<c02d3def>] xfs_dir2_leaf_getdents+0x5ff/0xad0
 [<c018d264>] path_walk+0x54/0xc0
 [<c018d3a3>] do_path_lookup+0x83/0x170
 [<c018c30b>] getname+0x9b/0xe0
 [<c018e03a>] user_path_at+0x5a/0x90
 [<c018633f>] vfs_lstat_fd+0x1f/0x50
 [<c01863bf>] sys_lstat64+0xf/0x30
 [<c0194fd4>] touch_atime+0x14/0x130
 [<c01907b8>] vfs_readdir+0x78/0xb0
 [<c0190891>] sys_getdents64+0xa1/0xd0
 [<c01032f1>] sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x25


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