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Academic research about computer forenisc guidelines

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Subject: Academic research about computer forenisc guidelines
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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 01:46:27 +0100
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It's Jonas, a master student in University of Glamorgan (UK)

I'm doing a research project about forensic guidelines of IM (instant messaging)

And I really need some help and opinion from you, the experts or investigators in this field.

Please kindly reply me with some response of the questions below.

All of this are only used for academic research and all messages from you will be kept secret.


Question1: How long have you worked in forensic field?


Question2: Do you use any guidelines (like ACPO or any document from NIJ or DoJ in USA)? What is it?


Question3: Do you think the guideline documents are enough to provide guidance in investigating e-crimes?


Question4: Have you ever deal with any e-crime case which was using IM as criminal tool or included the abuse of IM? If yes, please mention the IM client type.


Question5: As a guideline for IM forensic, what part do you think is the most important one to be mentioned?

                (Example: Background information, procedures, or other considerations....)



Really thanks for your help. And I'll be appreciating if you can forward this mail to other friends who work in this field too.


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