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Upgrade to ProductView Professional - Now Available at the PTC Web Store

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Subject: Upgrade to ProductView Professional - Now Available at the PTC Web Store
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Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 23:13:53 -0700 (PDT)
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Now Available at the PTC Web Store – ProductView Lite to MCAD Professional Upgrade

ProductView MCAD Professional – Ultra Scalable Visual Collaboration

ProductView MCAD Professional is a universal viewer that brings 3D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawings, images and documents to everyone’s desktop for comprehensive interrogation and visual collaboration–all without the need for native authoring applications.

Key Benefits:

•       Accelerate the Design Process – By offering comprehensive view, markup and annotation tools, and market-leading performance, ProductView MCAD Professional can accelerate the important design reviews that occur throughout the product development process. Now people around the world can simultaneously be involved in the design process. And, with its ultrascalability, ProductView MCAD Professional supports a full range of visualization, spanning from simple desktop viewing of single CAD models to the interaction with your most massive digital models of over one million parts.

•       Reduce IT Infrastructure to Overhead – Having a single tool to view many types of detailed product data lowers the amount of overhead required from the IT department. A common, consistent interface that can access digital product definition data across the enterprise lowers expenses associated with software maintenance, product upgrades and internal training. Eliminating data interoperability issues translates into lower overhead and higher productivity.

•       Improve Efficiency – Productivity improves by allowing engineers to easily share visual information across the enterprise, while still permitting users to accurately measure dimensions. Not only can ProductView MCAD Professional accelerate time-to-market, but its visual collaboration and markup capabilities can also help reduce costs.

•       Increase Control and Security – ProductView MCAD Professional allows critical business documents (both drawings and 2D documents) to be securely managed when collaborating on projects both within and beyond the enterprise.Now, you can view more information and easily and instantly purchase ProductView products from the PTC Web Store.

To upgrade to ProductView MCAD Professional or to visit the PTC Web Store, go to: www.ptc.com/go/viewupgrade

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