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Expert Guidance on PLMâfrom Intel, HP and PTC

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Subject: Expert Guidance on PLM—from Intel, HP and PTC
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How to Create an Optimal PLM Implementation

Read New Article Series from Leaders in PLM solutions

What's the key to a successful PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) implementation? That's easy: solid upfront planning, proven PLM software, and the right choice of supporting applications, platforms and storage products. With a successful PLM implementation, you can achieve quicker time-to-market for products, lower development and production costs, and increased revenue during the life of the product. No doubt, we all want that PLM pot of gold, but what's the fastest, easiest route to the end of that rainbow?

Most of us don't have the luxury of starting from scratch with PLM--but we do need to get moving fast, because we are now working in a functional, yet sub-optimal environment. We are spending far too much time searching for data, re-creating lost data, and repairing CAD models instead of creating new products or adding features to existing products. We know that we have to work smarter but we find ourselves wondering:

  • Where do we start?
  • How do we update our existing product development environment without interrupting current projects?
  • Where is the best place to spend our IT dollars?
  • How do we choose from the myriad options available?

Now that PLM has been implemented and proven across global industry, there are clear answers to these important questions regarding best solutions, appropriate hardware, and ideal processors for PLM. This article series from HP, Intel and PTC will help you navigate the complex PLM IT territory.

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