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Re: getting changes (fixes or enhancements) to xfs-tools

To: "Linda A. Walsh" <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: getting changes (fixes or enhancements) to xfs-tools
From: Felix Blyakher <felixb@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 16:15:35 -0500
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On Apr 16, 2009, at 1:36 PM, Linda A. Walsh wrote:

Eric Sandeen wrote:
Linda A. Walsh wrote:
I can understand that for kernel work, but what about the xfs utils?
Again, just look at the git logs.

  I understand you want people to see the work that has gone into the
kernel, but telling someone to search through 1327 entries just to find
an answer of 'no', seems a bit ...something.

Eric responded about xfs utilities, which are not in the kernel.

   FWIW: I copied all 1327 entries to a text file and searched for
any string "xfs[a-z]" to search for any comments about utility changes.
Only strings found were for the daemons that are run.

Wrong log.

   Now that I've determined that the xfs utils are not in the kernel
source tree (I wouldn't have expected them to be), maybe I can more
be less indirect and ask: Who is managing the the xfs_utils,

Me, as well as Christoph in a (cloned) kernel.org tree.

Where are
they kept and

on oss as tarballs:


The tarballs release announcement was posted to this list.

Or in the git repositories on oss:


and kernel.org:


What is the procedure for trying to get changes (fixes
or enhancements) to them?   (I prefer direct questioning, but too many
people, even in the engineering/sw community,  find it rude or abrupt,
so it's not usually my 1st choice).

In other words, does one:

(I) suggest new ideas and if the keeper(s) likes them, they are
   implemented and redistributed?

You mean implemented by maintainer? Others?
Sure, they well may be, but it would depend on priorities.

(II.1) suggest new ideas and see if keeper(s) approve of 'project' so

Yes, it prudent to get the nod from others about goodness
of the idea before implementing it.

   one can then go and
   (i) implement the changes in a local version, and then?
        (a) check them in?

into your local tree ...

       (b) submit for approval so they can be approved for
           inclusion (or fixing any found problems)

That would be the right way to get it into the tree.
See Documentation/SubmittingPatches. The idea applies to
patches in the userland as well. Actually, we treat
utilities exactly the same way as the kernel xfs.

(III) just go off and implement the code, then come back and say, hey,
   here are my changes for this idea, and just expect to be greeted
   with open arms?  ;^/

That may well be the case. But it also could be just the opposite.
So, it's prudent to check the idea first.

(I hope I got the indentation and syntax correct in that, English
syntax isn't always the easiest language to express nested options

   I'm trying to get clear on process.  If they are in the kernel
tree, there may be no way for me to get from A->B, othewise, I'm
trying to find out where one might have hope of bouncing ideas

I guess, you're already aware about the xfs mailing list.
Post them there.

Hope that helps.

might get implemented or that if sufficiently positively received
might spure someone to try implementing the changes themselves (and
possibly (and possibly get in completely over their head....or not.)


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