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Tolerance Analysis: Preparing Your Model for the Real World

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Subject: Tolerance Analysis: Preparing Your Model for the Real World
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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 03:33:44 -0400
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See instantly how multiple tolerances can affect your manufactured product. View Tolerance Analysis Feature Article Now

In the imaginative world of 3D design, you can create flawless models that represent the ideal version of the product your customer wants to build.

But in the real world of Manufacturing, plastics will shrink, cutters will lose their edge, and parts won't fit perfectly. It's called manufacturing process variation-or variational behavior-and it's sometimes very difficult to predict.

That's where tolerance analysis software comes in.

With today's powerful tolerance analysis tools-now fully integrated with your 3D CAD software-you can see graphically, and in near real-time, how changes in tolerances will affect the manufactured product. The result: you can perform multiple what-if scenarios, and predict how the model will be affected by manufacturing variations, so you can set the tolerances accordingly-and get better products out the door faster.

Read Feature Article on Tolerance Analysis

Learn why tolerance analysis software is now being adopted by organizations of all sizes, and how it can benefit multiple areas of your organization, from concept modeling, to functional assembly modeling, to detailed part modeling and beyond.

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