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Webinar: Learning About CRM

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Subject: Webinar: Learning About CRM
From: "Matthew Kallas" <matthew.kallas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 07:05:30 -0500
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Your invitation to join our webinar:

Everything you always wanted to know about CRM
(But Were Afraid to Ask)

Thursday, March 19
No cost to attendees, but space is limited. Sign up by clicking here.
Intelestream's Chief Operating Officer Richard Baldwin will address five key aspects of CRM with which all businesses should be familiar:

- Defining CRM and why businesses use it
- CRM processes involving sales, marketing, customer support, e-commerce, and reporting
- Implementation best practices and encouraging user adoption
- Customizations, maintenance, and enhancement
- Overview of the CRM marketplace: matching specific business needs with the right CRM platform

There will be a question and answer session focusing on the specific business case scenarios of attendees.

More about Intelestream

To learn more about Intelestream, go to www.intelestream.net


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