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Webinar: Learn how to create eye-catching charts in Excel.

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Subject: Webinar: Learn how to create eye-catching charts in Excel.
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Date: 14 Mar 2009 05:33:35 -0400
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What will you learn?

Almost everyone has seen or worked with a chart at one time or another--charts illustrate data, relationships, or trends, graphically. Like the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” charts are often a better tool for presenting information than hard-to-read numbers. This Webinar covers just about everything there is to know about charts. The dazzling charts you will be able to create after you finish this course will impress both you and your colleagues.

KnowledgeWave is hosting a new webinar titled Tell Your Story Visually with Eye-Catching Charts in Microsoft Excel (2003). We are pleased to provide this event on March 18, 2009. KnowledgeWave offers over 80+ webinar titles in both open enrollment and closed corporate format. This event is open to the general public for a fee of $79.00. Enroll today and learn from the experts!

Product(s): Microsoft Excel 2003. Audience(s): Business Professional. Duration: 60 Minutes Start Date: March 18, 2009 9:00 AM EST.
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Webinars are
fast, convenient and affordable. There is no wasted time. Get right to the objective of the 1-hour session. Webinars are designed to fit easily into your busy schedule. You have no travel and no time out of the office! Our webinars are free or priced at less than $90! That's a fraction of the cost of travel and attendance fees for other high-priced classes, conferences, seminars or other online webinars. 

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