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XFS_repair and memory consumption

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Subject: XFS_repair and memory consumption
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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 11:44:24 +0100
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I have a few question about xfs_repair and memory consumption

I have 12 TB storage,2GB RAM and 2.6.27 32b and someday my power down.
After started system, I tried xfs_repair for this storage (because I
can`t mount this) with unsuccessful. Maybe I am in the wrong but I know
that xfs_repair need about 2GB of memory per terabyte of file system space.

Is any possible to run xfs_repair without 24GB RAM (in my case) ? Maybe
I should use big SWAP instant of so much RAM?

What is the difference running XFS_repair in 32 and 64 bit kernel?If any
difference existing,  how much RAM must be in system with (for example)
64TB in single volume in order to run XFS_repair

Very thanks

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