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Re: XFS on ARM-based Linux on USR8700 NAS appliance w/ mdadm/RAID5

To: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS on ARM-based Linux on USR8700 NAS appliance w/ mdadm/RAID5
From: Harry Mangalam <harry.mangalam@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 13:20:05 -0800
Cc: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Organization: NACS
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Thanks for the quick response Eric!

On Monday 23 February 2009, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Harry Mangalam wrote:
> > Here's an unusual (long) tale of woe.
> >
> > We had a USRobotics 8700 NAS appliance with 4 SATA disks in
> > RAID5:


> However this wouldn't cause a superblock mis-read like this.  If
> you get it mounted, you *may* run into what looks like directory
> corruption on the PC, though, due to the alignment issue.
> Anyway, first, I'd look around for "XFSB" in the early few blocks
> of your raid and see if the raid might possibly have been rebuilt
> out of order.
> # dd if=/dev/md0 bs=4k count=32 | hexdump -C | grep XFSB
> or so...
> -Eric

No, I didn't find this - I did find some disk ID header stuff which 
confirms that the filesystem is XFS and some other info that might be 
useful, but no XFSB strings, even grepping 8MB into the device.

| version="3.0" s|
|ize="595" owner=|
|hecksum="" signa|
|MiCdIsK" dataSta|
|128" logvol="0" |
|l Device"/>.<Phy|
|sicalDev guid="5|
|a3b" Comment="" |
|N01  v1.0-0-0-00|

|ent guid="126de9|
|5-000045d3aa4d" |
|28" lastSector="|
|22271" owner="NA|
|CS-SW-DIST" data|
| seqNo="0" isLas|
|tSegment="true" |
| type="Umap" lun|
|Type="0" timesta|
|mp="1171499597" |
|" deviceName="NA|
|SDisk-00002" fil|
|ent guid="126de9|
|5-000045d3aa4d" |
|72" lastSector="|
|2928740095" owne|
| dataset="117149|
|9597" seqNo="1" |
|rue" sectorSize=|
|"512" type="NAS"|
| lunType="0" tim|
|97" umapTimestam|
|p="0" deviceName|

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