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Linux Xfs, Let's Abolish Credit.

To: Linux Xfs <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Linux Xfs, Let's Abolish Credit.
From: MC Shalom <the.sneyke@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 19:24:46 +0000
Dear Linux Xfs,
 Let's Abolish Credit. All of Our Economic Problems Find They Root in the 
Existence of Credit. A Credit Free, Free Market Economy Is Possible. Both 
Dynamic on the Short Run & Stable on the Long Run.  I Propose, Hence, to Lead 
the Exit Out of Credit. Let me Outline for You my Proposed Strategy:  â?? 
Introduction.  â?? The Numbered Account.  â?? The Credit Free Money: The Dinar 
Shekel AKA The DaSh, Symbol: - .  â?? Asset Transfer: The Right Grant 
Operation.  â?? A Specific Application of Employment Interest and Money 
 [Intended For my Fellows Economists]. If Risk Free Interest Rates Are at 0.00% 
Doesn't That Mean That Credit is Worthless Since credit based currencies are 
managed by setting interest rates, 
 on which all control has been lost, Are they managed anymore?
  % We Need, Hence, Cancel All Interest Bearing Debt and Abolish Interest 
Bearing Credit. % In This Age of Turbulence People Want an Exit Out of Credit: 
 An Adventure in a New World Economic Order. 
The other option would be to wait till most of the productive assets of the 
economy get physically destroyed either by war or by rust.
It will be either awfully deadly or dramatically long.
A price none of us can afford to pay.
  â??The current crisis can be overcome only by developing a sense of common 
 The alternative to a new international order is chaos."
 - Henry A. Kissinger 

Let me provide you with a link to my press release for my open letter to 
Chairman Ben S. Bernanke:
 Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, Quantitative Easing Can't Work! 
 I am, Linux Xfs, Yours Sincerely,
 Shalom P. Hamou AKA 'MC Shalom'
 Chief Economist - Master Conductor
 1 7 7 6 - Annuit CÅ?ptis
 Tel: +972 54 441-7640
 Email: mc@xxxxxxxx

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