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retrocompatibility XFS 2.10.1 with 2.8.1 ?

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Subject: retrocompatibility XFS 2.10.1 with 2.8.1 ?
From: Tritium Tritium <tritium_helium@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 19:04:30 +0000
Importance: Normal
HI !

In first, I 'm a french user and sorry for my very bad english ...
For an Adsl Box, I want to partitionning and format my external hard disk drive 
under XFS .What a good idea , isn't it ? ;o)
I get my Mandriva One (I know it isn't a "professionnal" distribution but you 
know the French search the simple thing !) and use fdisk -l , gparted and 
mkfs.xfs /dev/xxx .
With this, the adsl box reboot ! And of course it doesn't recognize the 
I tried with a Debian Etch XFS ... and this is a SUCCESS !
When I compare XFS versions I find a 2.10.1 for Mandriva and 2.8.1 for Debian.

Why the same command under two differents versions produce two format 
incompatible ?
Why the XFS 2.10.1 version is not compatible with the 2.8.1 ?

It's a trap for newbie who get a old hardware under linux ...

Thanks for your patience .



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