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Yo! Raps Gears Up For West Coast Block Starz Compilation

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Subject: Yo! Raps Gears Up For West Coast Block Starz Compilation
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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 08:36:35 +0100
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        
New York, NY - December 16, 2008 - Yo! Raps Magazine has announced the
formation of three strategic partnerships for its debut music compilation,
WEST COAST BLOCK STARZ, set for release in 2009. 
Jazzy Management, Major Contacts Music Association, and Wheat Bread Radio
have agreed to join Yo! Raps in promoting the WEST COAST BLOCK STARZ
compilation, which will highlight new, unsigned, and independent recording
artists chosen by Yo! Raps editors and includes appearances and production
by some of the industry's biggest hit makers. 

WEST COAST BLOCK STARZ is the first in the compilation series and features
West Coast artists that have received limited promotion in the Midwest,
South, and overseas. 

Hansen Hills, CA-based Jazzy Management, is headed by respected music
industry veteran Shawndel "Jazzy D" Rosa, and is playing a key role in
identifying regional talent for the compilation, while New York-based Major
Contacts Music Association, an A&R submission service for various major
labels, producers, and publishers, is offering the compilation for free with
each new membership and has provided Yo! Raps with an exclusive account to
submit selected artists featured on the BLOCK STARZ series. Wheat Bread
Radio, a 24-hour Internet-based radio network with over 700,000 subscribers,
is also supporting the WEST COAST BLOCK STARZ compilation and will host a
week-long listening party featuring music and artist interviews from the

"We are very excited about the companies that have partnered with us for
this project," says Yo! Raps founder and CEO Kai Denninger. "Their
participation will go a long way in helping us showcase the wealth of music
talent out there that often gets overlooked." 

Yo! Raps, www.yoraps.com, is an award-winning global electronic magazine
launched in 2003 that provides premium content to the young urban
demographic at its website and through targeted daily e-mail updates that
reach more than 1.5 million subscribers. 

Jazzy Management provides management representation for recording artists
and producers. The company has a committed staff of hard working individuals
with experience in promotions, public relations and music production.

Major Contacts Music Association, www.majorcontacts.com, has vital
relationships with key A&Rs and Managers that don' accept unsolicited music.
Members can create and submit a Virtual Press Kit to affiliated A&Rs,
Managers, and Producers seeking talent.

Wheat Bread Radio is a 24-hour Internet-based radio network with over
700,000 subscribers and broadcasts new music, events, and celebrity guest
interviews for a target audience of young professionals in the 18-34
demographic. WBR is also a multi-media division of the Wheat Bread lifestyle
brand located at www.wheatbreadlife.com.

Don't forget to check www.yoraps.com for your daily dose of Hip-Hop!  
Get your song, video, mixtape, press release serviced up to 1,200,000
industry contacts including Label Execs, A&R's, Radio Stations, Record
Breakers, Record Pools, Magazines, Major Websites, Promoters, Artists,
Consumers, Managers, Publicists! Email info@xxxxxxxxx

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