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XFS patch queue & plan for 2.6.29 open season

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Subject: XFS patch queue & plan for 2.6.29 open season
From: Mark Goodwin <markgw@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:47:02 +1100
Organization: SGI Engineering
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Looks like 2.6.28 will have another two RC's before 2.6.29 opens.
I'm unsure if that means before or after Christmas, but in any case
we need to be ready before Christmas - we will have a massive
pull request (largely but certainly not all due to the commit list held
over from 2.6.28).

Current status:

# The XFS master branch on oss has taken everything in Christoph's staging tree

# We're about to take Eric's compat series (12 patches)

# Christoph recently sent out a couple of review pings ;-)
  These need some review please (Niv? or anyone?). In the IRC listing
  below, there are another 15 to 20 or so on the list that need review.

# After that, here's a quote from a public IRC chat late last week:

<markgw> that's only 30 patches - there are ~70 more still on the mail list
    <hch>    there's still a few more
    <hch>    -staging is the fully reviewd set
<hch> I have another about 15 to 20 that need review that I've recently posted
    <hch>    Eric has about 20 compat patches
    <hch>    Dave has some patches that he still needs to repost
    <hch>    and I also have some older stuff that needs reposting
<hch> and then there's the whole dmapi stuff that needs the xfs-dev tree <hch> and once we have that cleared I have another at least 10 that I haven't bothered (re)posting <hch> and then there's the crc series which isn't for short-term commit <hch> I'll have a new version of that too once the dependencies are in <markgw> ok so we'll just start with the fully reviewed set, then take some more and then stop and start testing for .29 candidate push

OK, so the remaining patches are mostly from Christoph, though looks like
Dave may have a few too. These are going to need a refresh against current
master branch (or xfs-dev for DMAPI & kdb). Christoph, would a new staging tree
be the best way to proceed, or should we start picking off the mail list?

On-going, *ideally* after a patch series has received final rv and ack,
the developer would post a git URL as the last post to the thread and we'd
just pull from that. I guess that'd be a sort of "xfs-next" collaborative
arrangement - we're all set up for this now (with git/ptools hooks in place
internally, etc).



 Mark Goodwin                                  markgw@xxxxxxx
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