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TAKE 988141 - Inode: Allow external initialisers

To: sgi.bugs.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxx, xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: TAKE 988141 - Inode: Allow external initialisers
From: lachlan@xxxxxxx (Lachlan McIlroy)
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 12:48:15 +1100 (EST)
Date:  Wed Oct 15 12:47:17 EST 2008
Workarea:  redback.melbourne.sgi.com:/home/lachlan/isms/2.6.x-inode
Inspected by:  hch
Author:  lachlan

The following file(s) were checked into:

Modid:  2.6.x-xfs-melb:linux:32321a
fs/inode.c - 1.27 - changed
        - Inode: Allow external initialisers
          To allow XFS to combine the XFS and linux inodes into a single
          structure, we need to drive inode lookup from the XFS inode cache,
          not the generic inode cache. This means that we need initialise a
          struct inode from a context outside alloc_inode() as it is no longer
          used by XFS.
          Factor and export the struct inode initialisation code from
          alloc_inode() to inode_init_always() as a counterpart to
          inode_init_once().  i.e. we have to call this init function for each
          inode instantiation (always), as opposed inode_init_once() which is
          only called on slab object instantiation (once).
          Signed-off-by: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

include/linux/fs.h - 1.40 - changed
        - Inode: Allow external initialisers

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