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xfs_admin -U generate

To: "Carolyn Knox" <knox@xxxxxxx>, <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: xfs_admin -U generate
From: "Carolyn Knox" <knox@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 19:58:12 -0500
Thread-index: Acklo1xqDT8VemsgR3ekzQ9DDpAOmABqu/OA
Thread-topic: xfs_admin -U generate


Our group is looking into using `xfs_admin -U generate` command on a
couple of SVM MultiMirror views (with xfs filesystem source) to be able
to mount multiple views of the filesystem to more than one mount point
at the same time (SLES 9 platform).


I'm wondering if there is a downside or known issues that I should be
made aware of,  or if this is practice is frowned upon.





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