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Re: Xfs Access to block zero exception and system crash

To: Sagar Borikar <Sagar_Borikar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Xfs Access to block zero exception and system crash
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 11:25:57 -0500
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Sagar Borikar wrote:
> Copy is of the same file to 30 different directories and it is basically
> overwrite.
> Here is the setup:
> It's a JBOD with Volume size 20 GB. The directories are empty and this
> is basically continuous copy of the file on all thirty directories. But
> surprisingly none of the copy succeeds. All the copy processes are in 
> Uninterruptible sleep state and xfs_repair log I have already attached 
> With the prep. As mentioned it is with 2.6.24 Fedora kernel.

It would probably be best to try a 2.6.26 kernel from rawhide to be sure
you're closest to the bleeding edge.

I tested on on x86_64, and I did this, specifically, in
the root of a 30G xfs fs:

# for I in `seq 1 30`; do mkdir dir$I; done
# vi copyit.sh (your script)
# chmod +x copyit.sh
# dd if=/dev/zero of=300mbfile bs=1M count=300
# for I in `seq 1 30`; do ./copyit.sh 300mbfile dir$I & done

I got no errors or corruption after several iterations.

Might also be worth checking dmesg for any errors when you run.


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