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TAKE 981498 - Merge xfs_rmdir into xfs_remove

To: sgi.bugs.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: TAKE 981498 - Merge xfs_rmdir into xfs_remove
From: bnaujok@xxxxxxx (Barry Naujok)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 11:08:48 +1000 (EST)
Cc: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: xfs-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Merge xfs_rmdir into xfs_remove

xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir are almost the same with a little more work
performed in xfs_rmdir due to the . and .. entries.  This patch merges
xfs_rmdir into xfs_remove and performs these actions conditionally.

Also clean up the error handling which was a nightmare in both versions

Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxx>

Date:  Fri Jun 20 11:07:57 AEST 2008
Workarea:  chook.melbourne.sgi.com:/home/bnaujok/isms/2.6.x-xfs
Inspected by:  hch@xxxxxx

The following file(s) were checked into:

Modid:  xfs-linux-melb:xfs-kern:31335a
fs/xfs/xfs_vnodeops.c - 1.762 - changed
        - Merge xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir

fs/xfs/linux-2.6/xfs_iops.c - 1.290 - changed
        - Merge xfs_vn_rmdir and xfs_vn_unlink

fs/xfs/xfs_vnodeops.h - 1.18 - changed
        - Merge xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir

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