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Re: XFS: SB validate failed

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Subject: Re: XFS: SB validate failed
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 19:59:11 +0200
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Spam Magnet wrote:
As Eric said.
We chose the ondisk format to have the byte ordering of IRIX so
it should not be a problem. However, parts of the log code in Linux
does not do the necessary endian conversion (due to lack of info at
the relevant points - it only knows as blobs of data) and so you
need the log to be clean. i.e. byte ordering problem just for the log.

Thanks for this info, it's good to have 1 less problem to worry about :)

OOI, as Eric asked, how were you able to mount it all of a sudden?

I am not sure, as I said, to narrow down the problem I am experiencing
with other disks, I decided to format an empty, healthy disk under Irix and
try to mount it under Linux. The first try was not successful but the
second was.

Right now I am making an image of the good/healthy disk using dd to
see if I can mount that
image under Linux. (It's not fun to copy 2GB disks through a
USB1.1-SCSI adapter :)
My ultimate goal is to make image of the disks that do have
partition table but refuse to mount under either OS (magic number and
SB validattion failure).
I am hoping I can edit the disk image in order to get the data back.

Are you dd'ing the whole disk or just the partition(s) you want ? I
recommend just doing the partition(s) into seperate files. I'm uncertain
if loopback nowadays handles partitions or not. I know it didn't before
but there were patches back then.

// Stefan

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