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Start Sending Video Emails In Minutes

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TALK FUSION - The newest development in email technology 

Businesses and Talk Fusion make a great pair! From family-owned to Fortune 500, 
Talk Fusion is your answer. We have a perfect fit! Video email will build brand 
loyalty, increase customer relations and retention, reduce advertising costs, 
qualify sales leads and increase response rates.

? Home Tours
? Sale Announcements
? Product Demos
? Training
? Promotions
? Events
? Advertising ? Prospecting
? New Lead Capture
? Motivational Messages
? Corporate News
? Fundraising
? Presentations ? Customer Follow-Ups
? Appointment Reminders
? Special Instructions
? Customer Appreciation
? Qualify Leads
? Invitations
? Trackable Marketing 

Talk Fusion is even smart enough to notify you when your video message is being 
watched! With our real-time tracking technology, you will be able to see who 
has viewed your video email, when, and if they forwarded it to a friend or 
clicked through to your web site! Capture new leads and know exactly who?s 
interested. Learn more.

Talk Fusion combines the power of television with the ease of email, allowing 
you to be in two places at once, share special moments and even build greater 
brand loyalty among customers. All without annoying downloads, pop-up windows, 
software to install or attachments to open. If you are one of the 700 million 
email users sending over 30 billion emails every day, you can point, click and 
send vibrant video emails to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. 

It is so simple, anyone can use it. No Internet experience necessary. 

Visit Talk Fusion  http://www.jbdmarketing.com

Sample Video Email



Jeremy B Dwyer
JBD Marketing  
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