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Re: state of the cvs tree

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Subject: Re: state of the cvs tree
From: Timothy Shimmin <tes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:01:07 +1000
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Timothy Shimmin wrote:
Hi Christoph,

Christoph Hellwig wrote:
looks like the cvs tree is broken currently - fs/xfs/ is merged up to
2.6.23-rc, but everything else is still at 2.6.22-rc state leading to
various compile failures.

Looking at cvs web it looks like the 2.6.x-xfs was updated 8 hours
ago. So I am guessing that you saw a state of the tree whilst it
was doing its sync up.
Let me know if things are not fine for you still?


Looking at the oss scripts briefly it reminded me of all the trees involved: $s[0]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/slinx_2.4.x-xfs"; $s[0]->{"todir"} = "$pushroot/CVSROOT/slinx_2.4.x-xfs";

  $s[1]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/slinx_2.6.x-xfs";
  $s[1]->{"todir"} =   "$pushroot/CVSROOT/slinx_2.6.x-xfs";

  $s[2]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/xfs-cmds";
  $s[2]->{"todir"} =   "$pushroot/tmp/CVSROOT/xfs-cmds";

  $s[3]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/xfs-linux";
  $s[3]->{"todir"} =   "$pushroot/tmp/CVSROOT/xfs-linux";

  $s[4]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/dmapi-linux";
  $s[4]->{"todir"} =   "$pushroot/CVSROOT/dmapi";

  $s[5]->{"fromdir"} = "$pushroot/p_src/xfs-website";
  $s[5]->{"todir"} =   "$pushroot/CVSROOT/xfs-website";

The xfs-linux and xfs-dmapi trees are needed for 2.6.x-xfs and 2.4.x-xfs.
I modified xfs-linux, xfs-dmapi, and 2.6.x-xfs as part of the update.

BTW, Donald, we'll have to do something about the 2.4 ptools tree
and cvs sync up if/when 2.4 support is dropped.


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