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From: Genevieve Buba

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Subject: From: Genevieve Buba
From: "genevieve buba" <gebu76@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 19:15:50 +0200
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From: Genevieve Buba


I know very well that you will be surprise to receive this mail from a total
stranger like me, please don't be offended it is my present condition that
waranted me to contact you. How are you, your family and business? I
hope everything is in particular.

I am Genevieve Buba daughter and the only child of the late DR. JERRY
Buba of Free Town,Sierra Leone. I am a young girl of 19 years, My late
father Dr. Jerry Buba was the Managing Director (MD) of a company in
Ivory Coast.During the time of his service he was a very devoted and God
fearing person;this cause his fellow staff to hate him because he always
refuse to collaborate with them in doing evil.

So one sunny Tuesday evening when I was coming back with my dad from
shopping in his own private car we ran into bandits who were totally
armed they trace us till we reach home,there they attack us, my father
pleaded with them to take everything he has and spare his life, they took
everything and also shot him three times on his chest they also shot me but
to the glory of God I survived the gun shots but my father died in cold
blood. How I was admitted in the hospital I don't know but I found myself
on the hospital bed after two weeks of the incident when I re-gain

But why I contacted you is because I want to start a new life outside Africa
and also when I went to the company where my father was working before
his untimely death in Cote d'Ivoire which is located in west side of Africa
they told me that my father's garantuite and all the money the company is
owning him about Euro5,200,000.00 is still remain unpaid, and that since
I am at a tender age that I should get somebody related to me who will sign
an attestation letter on my behalf so that they can pay me the money
through him/her.

So as things is now I don't want to go and get any of my kinsmen as that
will also give them the access to claim the money as I can see that it is
now the only thing God has for me to start life again. If I have found favour
in your eye I will like you to come and sign the attestation and also give
them your account so that they can pay the money into it. While I will
prepare to come over your country and meet you there to start a new life

If you can do it please send your telephone and fax numbers so that i can
submit it to the company. let me know as I am waiting to hear from you
soon,respond to my private email (genevievebuba1111@xxxxxxxx)

Thanks and Remain bless,
Genevieve Buba

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