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Re: about performace

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Subject: Re: about performace
From: David Chatterton <chatz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 00:12:20 +1000
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In general (no experience or suggestions for ARM processors), for video 

- preallocate space for the files when writing, see xfsctl(3) and  

- use direct I/O, the larger the better. ie a MB or more at a time,
  but at least ensure the direct I/O requests are aligned on page or
  filesystem block boundaries, whichever is larger

- use asynchronous I/O or multiple threads to keep the disks busy


nagesh kollu wrote:
> hi,,
>   i'm new to xfs ..i want to know the performance details of xfs..
>   how much time it will take to write /read ...can anyone done this on ARM 
> processor...the block size is 2^n only in xfs ..but for video streaming the 
> incoming packet is 188 bytes .the sector size is 512 ...so the i/o buffer 
> size is 188*512 ...how can we do this in xfs....cany anyone send the xfs 
> performance details..
>   thanx!
>   nagesh.k
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David Chatterton
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