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xfs for Oracle

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Subject: xfs for Oracle
From: "Jeffrey Bryson" <Jeffrey.Bryson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 16:14:37 -0600
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Thread-topic: xfs for Oracle
We are debating which filesystem to use with Oracle on Suse9 or Suse10.
We are not using RAC.  We found this statement in Metalink:
Please refer to the link below that indicates that the recommended file
systems are Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), ext3 (with
O_SYNC), NFS, OCFS, ReiserFS, and raw. XFS is not supported.
We were going with XFS until we found the above statement by Oracle.
Why is XFS not supported by Oracle and
will XFS be supported any time soon?
Thanks for your time and input to our question.

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