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Re: xfsdump -s unacceptable performances

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Subject: Re: xfsdump -s unacceptable performances
From: "Daniele P." <daniele@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 20:01:10 +0200
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On Wednesday 16 August 2006 16:38, you wrote:
> Daniele P. schrieb:
> Hi Daniele,
> hum, so the 2.2.27 was running 3657m39.120s and the 2.2.38 is running
> the same (?) in 0m17.575s. Where is your performance problem running now
> 10000 times faster than the old 2.2.27 version???
> Or did i miss something?

Hi Klaus,
Yes, there was a huge performance improvement for /small/ filesystem,
(40.000 inodes, in my test case).
But xfsdump still doesn't scale down well with a small subtree on a
large filesystem.
Now the test on the /large/ (11.000.000 inodes) filesystem has ended.

ori:~# find /media/xfs-large/backup/pin/ -type f | wc -l
ori:~# find /media/xfs-large/backup/pin/ -type d | wc -l
ori:~# find /media/xfs-large/backup/pin/ | wc -l
ori:~# du -s /media/xfs-large/backup/pin/
8       /media/xfs-large/backup/pin/

I stopped the test with 2.2.27 after 5 days of "phase 3".
Here is the test with 2.2.38, which is still too slow:

time /usr/local/bin/xfsdump -p 60 -v drive=debug,media=debug \
-s backup/pin - /media/xfs-large | dd of=/dev/null
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: using file dump (drive_simple) strategy
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: version 2.2.38 (dump format 3.0) - Running 
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: level 0 dump of ori:/media/xfs-large
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dump date: Wed Aug 16 12:56:57 2006
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: session id: a293b79a-a5ac-4e49-be3e-55fbc5f8fba2
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: session label: ""
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: ino map phase 1: constructing initial dump list
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: status at 12:58:12: 75 seconds elapsed
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: ino map phase 2: skipping (no pruning necessary)
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: ino map phase 3: skipping (only one dump stream)
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: status at 12:58:57: inomap phase 3 79568/11017767 inos 
scanned, 120 seconds elaps
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: status at 13:10:58: inomap phase 3 1890564/11017767 
inos scanned, 841 seconds elapsed
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: ino map construction complete
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: estimated dump size: 5617536 bytes
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: Media op: begin media file
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: creating dump session media file 0 (media 0, file 0)
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dumping ino map
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: flushing write buf addr 0xb7e58000 size 0x40000
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: flushing write buf addr 0xb7e58000 size 0x40000
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dumping directories
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dumping non-directory files
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: status at 13:44:48: 1/2 files dumped, 31.6% data 
dumped, 2871 seconds elapsed
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: status at 14:02:57: 2/2 files dumped, 44.5% data 
dumped, 3960 seconds elapsed
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: ending media file
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: Media op: end media file
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: flushing write buf addr 0xb7e58000 size 0x1a6b8
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: media file size 5613240 bytes
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dump size (non-dir files) : 3648 bytes
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: dump complete: 3999 seconds elapsed
/usr/local/bin/xfsdump: Dump Status: SUCCESS
10963+1 records in
10963+1 records out
5613240 bytes transferred in 3998.904421 seconds (1404 bytes/sec)

real    66m38.933s
user    0m2.882s
sys     0m36.289s


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