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Re: error xlog_recover_do_inode_trans(1) / bug when recovering

To: Timothy Shimmin <tes@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: error xlog_recover_do_inode_trans(1) / bug when recovering
From: Johannes Berg <johannes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 07:28:32 +0200
Cc: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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> On Saturday 24 June 2006 1:02 am, Johannes Berg wrote:
> > I got a corrupted xfs device that printed out, when trying to recover:
> > Bad inode magic number, ....
> > Internal error xlog_recover_do_inode_trans(1) ...
> >
> Looks like the inode item in the transaction is bad in the ondisk log.
> Did you mount and replay the log with a different word-size linux by any 
> chance? I.e. replay with 32 bit linux having crashed on a 64 bit linux or
> vice versa? (Seen a few of those lately)

No, the filesystem is used only on my 64-bit system. I did all the
recovery from my laptop (32-bit) but seeing it crash at replay on my 64
bit system made me not even try the replay from my laptop via firewire.

> It would be interesting to see the ondisk log which can be saved using
> # xfs_logprint -C filename devicename
> However, "xfs_repair -L" will have zeroed yours out now.

Well, I still have a copy, so if xfs_repair -C works on an image file I
can extract the log. I'll mail it to you later today or tomorrow.


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