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XFS corruption on 2.4.28

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Subject: XFS corruption on 2.4.28
From: "Renaat Dumon" <renaat.dumon@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 00:25:58 +0100
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I'm encountering errors with an XFS filesystem on a couple of production
servers, and although I can't really reproduce this in a snap, I have had
this issue on multiple running identical configurations. I'm running 2.4.28.


Basically what happens is that although new data is put on the filesystem,
the use% actually goes DOWN! After a while this results in -64Z Used :s .
attempting to repair usually lead to everying in lost+found :s


server2 root # df -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/root             8.0G  924M  7.1G  12% /

/dev/md0               46M  9.6M   34M  23% /boot

/dev/md3              224G  -64Z  282G 101% /Storage

none                  251M     0  251M   0% /dev/shm


When I do a du -k on a directory on /Storage, I gives back strange values,
that are impossible really if you add up the results of an 'ls -al'. As I do
this, you notice immediately that the filesystem has gotten really slow...


bacardi data # du -k

60129557224     ./0/0/0

68719491392     ./0/0/1



When I then cd into 0/0/0 and I do a 'du -sk *' :



16      000fdaaaa3a98db10cf3a51711371b27.65536

4       000fdaaaa3a98db10cf3a51711371b27.65536.db

8       000fe1c2b17a7b4b4d2c4eea341cfb08.65536

2147483532      000fe1c2b17a7b4b4d2c4eea341cfb08.65536.db

4       000fe28ec79372d78098abd1bcf23dbf.888

4       000fe28ec79372d78098abd1bcf23dbf.888.db

4       000fea029f9026e02223f2243ce02118.65536

4       000fea029f9026e02223f2243ce02118.65536.db

4       000fee378f6e08700b09442b191a9872.65536

4       000fee378f6e08700b09442b191a9872.65536.db






bacardi 0 # ls -al 000fe1c2b17a7b4b4d2c4eea341cfb08.65536.db 

-rw-------    1 root     root           28 Oct 30 18:53


The correct filesize is indeed 28 bytes! The file mentioned here is just an
example, but there are quite some files like that actually :(


Unmounting/remounting the filesystem makes the issue go away temporarily, it
is back after a couple of hours of operation.


I did a xfs_check / xfs_repair before ; but that just dumped (ALMOST)
EVERYTHING in lost+found , so I'm losing data :(



The fact that I'm having this on multiple systems is what worries me, the
filesystems are created with default options, but are mounted with



Does this sound familiar to any of you ? Thanks a bunch!





Renaat Dumon


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