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XFS- Quotas: setting up project quotas

To: "'Nathan Scott'" <nathans@xxxxxxx>
Subject: XFS- Quotas: setting up project quotas
From: Prabhakar Krishnan <kpkar@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 23:42:23 -0400
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XFS- Quotas: 

Need some help/working example / working kernel or xfs rpm information 
 to setup directory quotas using project quota .


Kernel : 2.6.12-1.1378_FC3
XFS :  xfsprogs  2.7.3 
Quota : 3.12.7

I saw some examples in the man page for xfs_quota (8) to setup project

Problem :

xfs_allow allows a set of cmds to run .

-using mkfs.xfs created filesystem , with pquota flag enabled.
- using xfs_quota , trying to setup and the 'cmd' quota inside the shell
doesnt work as 
advertised in the man page. 

xfs_quota> help quota
quota [-bir] [-gpu] [-hnv] [-f file] [id|name]... -- show usage and limits

 display usage and quota information

 -g -- display group quota information
 -p -- display project quota information
 -u -- display user quota information
 -b -- display number of blocks used
 -i -- display number of inodes used
 -r -- display number of realtime blocks used
 -h -- report in a human-readable format
 -n -- skip identifier-to-name translations, just report IDs
 -N -- suppress the initial header
 -v -- increase verbosity in reporting (also dumps zero values)
 -f -- send output to a file
 The (optional) user/group/project can be specified either by name or by
 number (i.e. uid/gid/projid).

MAN PAGE : man  xfs_quota  ... 
 > man xfs_quota
            # mount -o uquota /dev/xvm/home /home
            # xfs_quota -c 'edit bsoft=500m bhard=550m tanya' /home
            # xfs_quota -c report /home

       Enabling directory quota on an XFS filesystem (restrict  files  in
       file directories to only using 1 gigabyte of space).

            # mount -o pquota /dev/xvm/var /var
            # echo 42:/var/log >> /etc/projects
            # echo logfiles:42 >> /etc/projid
            # xfs_quota -c 'projects -c logfiles' /home
            # xfs_quota -c 'edit -p bhard=1g logfiles' /home

-Prabhakar Krishnan

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