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Re: Find file for inode

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Subject: Re: Find file for inode
From: Markus Meyer <mm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 07:56:37 +0200
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On [Tue, Aug 23 07:24], Nathan Scott wrote:

Hi Nathan,

I guess, since your looking into this, you may also have bad
blocks being remapped underneath the filesystem... and its
possible thats increasing your run time too.

It's a 40GB ATA-5 disk...

Erm, any interfaces or docs in particular you didn't understand?

I only use XFS on my home system and I don't want to study for two days
to understand whats going on there. At work I have to do this everytime
as a UNIX admin. At home I just want to be the "normal" user. But the missing "transparency" in the XFS tools don't allow that. Setting up XFS
is starightforward but as soon as you get block errors or other problems
you run against a wall since the lack of "understandable" documentation
and tools.

OK, whatever makes your boat float.

Well, sorry for that. It's childish because I was _really_ tired when I
wrote this.

Its described further in the xfs_db(8) man page.

See above. It takes too much brain energy to understand it. I'm not that
stupid but at home I'm really lazy and need tools and programs that just
work or where I easily can understand the important parts.

Since I needed the disk I zeroed it disk with "dd" to reallocate the bad blocks, reformatted it and restored the data onto it. I'm still using XFS on it. But I really wish that the tools get more transparent
and the documentation would not sound like a technical study.

Thx and cheers,
Markus Meyer - encrypted email preferred -> GPG: B87120ED
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