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Re: XFS - hard drive dying

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Subject: Re: XFS - hard drive dying
From: evilninja <evilninja@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 21:32:21 +0200
Cc: A JM <vbtalent@xxxxxxxxx>
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A JM schrieb:
> I tried using dd_rescue on my drive and it appeard to be copying over
> the data until I got the message that there wasn't enough space on the
> target disk? Very strange since they are the exact same size disk.

strange indeed, but since you're using LVM (right?) - did you double-check
your setup and if your target disk is really big enough for
/dev/VGforMyth/video ?

> Anyway I thought I would try to run xfs_repair and see what happened.
> I get the message on the intial startup of "Phase 1 find and verify
> superblock... bad primary superblock - bad magic number!  attempting
> to find secondary superblock"

are you sure that this is an XFS filesystem? perhaps you could post the
fstab line of how /dev/VGforMyth/video was actually mounted. and you can
try to use xfs_logprint to see if any ERROR messages pop up.

BOFH excuse #116:

the real ttys became pseudo ttys and vice-versa.

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