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kernel panic on full filesystem

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Subject: kernel panic on full filesystem
From: "Scott Fagg" <scott.fagg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 09:18:16 +1000
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Thread-topic: kernel panic on full filesystem
Awoke this morning to discover a server unresponsive. OS still running
but anything involviing a disk read would fail (e.g. login). Kernel
panic dump on screen and references to xfs_ functions in the info. Only
hint in /var/log/messages was a problem dereferencing a null pointer.

Initially i assumed a hardware fault, but then also noticed that the
filesystem was 100% full. After a reboot the machine is running fine and
i'm cleaning out the full filesystem.

Is it conceivable that a full filesystem (not the root filesystem) would
cause a kernel panic in XFS ? I vaguely recall having this problem once
before a year or two ago.

Running FC3 with a kernel.org kernel. 500GB XFS filesystem on
hardware raid5.

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