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Re: [Fwd: XFS lstat() _very_ slow on SMP]

To: Jan Derfinak <ja@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: XFS lstat() _very_ slow on SMP]
From: Dave Chinner <dgc@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 08:50:11 +1000
Cc: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>, XFS Linux <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>, kas@xxxxxxxxxx
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On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 12:35:31PM +0200, Jan Derfinak wrote:
> On Thu, 19 May 2005, Dave Chinner wrote:
> Hello.
> > Have you tried setting the ihashsize mount option?
> Is there any reason why this and other options from xfs_vfsops.c are
> undocumented? Is safe to change their values?

Mount options and sysctls are documented in the kernel
source tree in Documentation/filesystems/xfs.txt. 

Yes, we missed updating this file for the recent ihashsize
addition - I've opened a bug to remind us to update it.
Thanks for pointing it out.


Dave Chinner
R&D Software Engineer
SGI Australian Software Group

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