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[Question] how to know which blocks are used?

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Subject: [Question] how to know which blocks are used?
From: "weafon" <weafon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:45:19 +0800
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I am writing a code for copying the XFS-format disk to another space disk. 
The code is run without the support of XFS lib. 
That is, the code has to read the structure of XFS by itself.

I went to know which block is used because I only plan to copy the used block 
for saving time. 
As I known, in XFS, a B+tree is used, instead of the tranditional bitmap 
structure, to describe the free space. 
When I view the raw data of a XFS partition, I see XFSB, AGF, AGI, and 
"freelist" structure.

What I cannot understand is 
why only a short freelist [00 ~ 03] exists in the first AG even when there are 
0xffff4 free blocks in the AG.
There are only 4 blocks described by the freelist.

Ps. is there any doc 
explaining the relation between the internal structures, such as 'freelist' and 
or explaining how the XFS code build a b+tree from the AGF ad freelist?


Shih-Chiang Tsao

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