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Subject: XFS on RHES 3
From: Sean Dogar <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:15:37 -0700
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I'm trying to get XFS support going on an ES 3 machine (it's actually White Box Enterprise Linux, but the kernel source is the same). There is no way to enable XFS support on the provided source and recompile since the kernel revision is 2.4.21 (XFS not yet in the kernel). I tried patching it with the 1.3.1 patches downloaded from SGI but there are apparently enough differences between Red Hat's kernel and vanilla to make the patch fail. I tried grabbing 2.4.29-vanilla, compiling, and running with that kernel, but I quickly found out that the libs or other userland programs in ES 3 must be dependent on some of the 2.6 kernel features that they backported (I kept having programs go out to lunch or die; attaching an strace showed that they were making kernel calls for things that weren't there). Does anybody have XFS RPM's for 2.4.21-15smp or a newer RHES kernel? I'd love to just be able to grab a precompiled module, drop it into /lib/modules, and modprobe it. The only other option I see here is to try an upgrade to 2.6, which, if experience is an indicator, could break things in the userland (assuming I can get it to build). It would require an upgrade to module-utils, which I'm not sure will leave my currently working kernel in a usable state. Any ideas? I'd really love to be able to use XFS, and I do feel that it's the right choice (I used IRIX in years past and it never let me down), but I'm dealing with a time-crunch and I'll probably have to resort to using ext3 unless I can implement this relatively quickly.

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