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external log vs internal log and mkfs.xfs options

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Subject: external log vs internal log and mkfs.xfs options
From: David Sparks <daves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 16:50:34 -0800
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I'm setting up a SAN with a 1TB partition and am seeking some advice.

Previously when setting up servers, I would specify options to mkfs.xfs to lower the agcount and create a 32m log, ie for a 33GB partition:

  mkfs.xfs -d agcount=32 -l size=32m /dev/sda3

This was based on an article I read at:


More recently I've not bothered with those options because I read somewhere that the defaults are sane. (I've never noticed any difference either way) Are the mkfs.xfs defaults good for a 1TB partition?

Regarding external logs, I've never formatted a XFS with an external log. From what I can gather (google, man pages), doing so is supposed to reduce disk head seeking hence performance is improved. Is anyone aware of any benchmarks that explore internal/external logs and sizes? My preference is for an internal log as that just simplifies things.



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