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Lost files on long running systems

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Subject: Lost files on long running systems
From: Joshua Schmidlkofer <kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 09:46:06 -0700
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First of all - none of the files are of consequence.

I have about 10 small systems running Linux 2.6.x with XFS. Most of them are 2.6.5 or later. I also have a couple running 2.6.3. The majority of them are running Gentoo, but a couple are running RedHat 9.

After long running periods, [Which on Intel Hardware, with battery backups is 90 - 180 days], I will run into a situation with an upgrade where I have to reboot. Usually, since I have downtime, I have been running xfs_repair. What I almost always find will be a couple hundred files and directories moved to lost+found.

All old .so files, deleted directories, and all sorts of other stuff from upgrades. It is almost exclusivly upgrades.

I cannot make any commitments about whether or not the boxes have had any 'spontaneous' reboots due to power failure, etc. However, it's hard to believe that all of them have had that happen.

Any suggestions?  Guidance?  Etc.   The filesystems appear healthy.

I couple times I have had postfix queues running very slow. Shutting down and restarting did not help. Finally I ran an xfs_repair, and it worked. I got the same issue, hundreds of left-overs. However, the system load dropped substantially.

I know these are all very nebulous, but does anyone have any advice?


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